Patsy's Precious Gemma

"Gemma" is a champion bred granddaughter of our beloved Penny. Her grand sire is our first foundation stud, Sir Rustys Radar. She is such a special dog in our breeding program, truly a wonderful example of 16 years of careful and selective breeding. She is amazingly well balanced mentally, and her stocky show ring conformation will take her to the winner's ring. She is kind to everyone, including the barn cats and kittens! I use her as a mentor for pups that I am raising or training, she loves to play and is very gentle. She is a natural mama and loves her babies, even after weaning! Gemma's expression tells it all, to meet her is to love her!
Pedigree Tree




Radar’s Ruby Gem
“Ruby" is a beautiful combination of her parents, Gemma and Jax. Her great grandpa was one of our foundation favorite sires, Radar. She is the perfect indoor/outdoor dog. When she is indoors, she is a polite and sweet little lady. She won’t jump on furniture, is very respectful and enjoys her own bed where she genuinely watches TV! However, when it's time to go do chores and her day starts outside, she goes full tilt! She looks for anything to herd, including people and the 4-wheeler! She is quite athletic, has a very strong work ethic, and is easy to train. Obedience comes quite naturally to her. Like her mother and father, she aims to please. She fits her name perfectly; in our opinion she is a precious gem!


Haystack's Sadie Ladie

Haystack's Sadie Ladie is following in her dear mother’s footsteps in so many ways! She is a cuddle bug and loves attention. She would rather be a couch potato than go chase cows or sheep. She is a beautiful dog with classic Corgi conformation, carrying on the impressive Larklain bloodline. She has a beautiful sable coat that she will likely pass on to her pups. Sadie is sired by Tank's Teddy Bear out of Miss Precious Patsy.

Pedigree Tree

Sadie and daughter Penelope


Bonnie is a clever little cuddle bug. Just like her mother “Grettle”, she mostly wants belly rubs and kisses, but she can also learn anything you want to teach her if you have treats in your hand. She is loyal and protective while also being friendly and lovable—the perfect balance of the best qualities Corgis offer. She has the sweetest face that will melt your heart, and has pretty “lipstick” lined lips (perfect for giving lots of kisses!). She’s also very skilled at the trademark corgi “butt wiggle” when she is excited to see her parents come home


A cute youtube video of Pearl, so cute!


Haystack's Grettle

"Gretti" as we call her is following in her mother Patsy’s footsteps.... all the way into everyone's lap. She is an absolute cuddle bug and loves everyone. Her little foxy face describes her cunning ability to out think us here on the ranch. She is very good at figuring out a way to get what she wants! (But then again, who can resist that face?) She gets along beautifully with all the other animals, including all the barn cats, and she is a fantastic mother. She is very attentive and loves to play with her puppies all the way through weaning and beyond.
She is sired by the famous AKC Grand Champion LS Neildiamond. We are excited to get her in the show ring this year in conformation and agility!

Pedigree and Certificates


Haystacks Litto Ditto
“Ditto” as we call her is a momma look alike following in her mother Grettle's footsteps all the way! Not only is she gorgeous and correct in conformation, she is everything I could ask for in the perfect Corgi disposition. She is smart, willing to listen and eager to please. I have chosen specifically this line from my breeding program as one of my favorites and the pups they are producing through the generations have proven to be simply amazing and quite sought after by repeat customers! One of Grettle’s daughters (full sister to Ditto) is published in the Denver Coffee Table Book!

Ditto's Pedigree

Expecting litter in December (All puppies currently reserved)


Ivy is our lovely import from Europe. She is a black faced tri with a strikingly beautiful expression. Ivy adores people, she is a no nonsense, gentle girl who just wants to be loved on. Her calm demeanor and happy attitude draws everyone to her, and that is just what she wants, loving and affection!




Dot's Royal Madea

Maddi is a beautiful daughter of our beloved and now retired “Dottie” and sired by our champion, “Duke” (Stewarts Dressed For Royalty). She is such a loyal, loving, lap dog! Maddi simply wants to please and hang out. She prefers not to work too hard, but now and then a romp in the pond to go Bull frog hunting is too much fun to resist! Her sweet demeanor and beautiful expression melts the hearts of everyone who meets her.

Marina is our fun loving, incredibly athletic, soccer playing Corgi! She could play ball all day long and is trying hard to teach a few of her pups how to join in, including a lumbering Berner puppy! Marina is so sweet; she lays with the cats and will cuddle into any lap she can find. We have already chosen to hold back two pups from her first litter for our breeding program, they are just as sweet as she is!

Expecting litter in January (All puppies currently reserved)


Scout - Future Stud, son of Marina
1 year old on Christmas day!

Future Breeders

Marina’s Miss Mazel of Haystack

So fun being a low rider!

Pearl, the newest addition to our breeding program is our “pick” of the litter pup out of Bonnie and sired by Hershey. She is in training and spends her days going back and forth from our ranch to her foster family, long term repeat Corgi clients and friends, Sam and Kerri. We are excited to watch her grow and mature.

10 months of age

Retired Ladies

These lovely ladies have blessed us with wonderful litters over the years, and now live happy lives as family pets!


Singing In The Rain
We call her “Punkin”. Her registered name describes her attitude in life, always singing and smiling! Punkin is our social butterfly, insisting on playing with every critter on the farm, big and small! She plays the most with our German Shepherd, but enjoys the pups, cats and kids as well. Sired by AKC/UKC Champion Storm Rain JP Ahab, Punkin is following in her father’s foot steps. She recently completed her UKC Championship title and is on to earn her Grand Champion title. She is OFA preliminary certified and rated as “good” for hips. She is vWD clear by parentage and CERF certified in her 08 eye exam. Her first litter of pups are outstanding and we look forward to seeing them in the show ring!
Pedigree, OFA, Eye and Championship Certifications



Pretty Poppy
is our show princess taking right after her champion parents Punkin and Josh. She earned her Championship show title in just one season out! She is OFA certified "good". Poppy is a flirt with everyone, very playful and eager to run the show! She is a joy to work with and easy to train.
Pedigree and Certifications

Son of Poppy and Jax


Precious Penny



Miss Precious Penny
Penny is champion sired out of champion show stock throughout her pedigree, including the famous "Larklain" bloodline. Sire (pictured below) and Dam, Stardusts Miss Heidi Ho, are champion producers. Penny is a fun-loving dog wanting to play and please, very obedient and easy to train.
See You Tube video here!
Pedigree Tree and OFA certifications

CH Foxkit LL Diplomats Donovan

Miss Precious Patsy
Our Haystack Acres foundation bloodlines live on in Patsy. She is sired by Radar, (RIP 2012 at 13 yrs old!) and out of Penny who is retired from breeding and living happily on the couch. Patsy is just like her daddy, full of games. She started her show career winning best female in several classes. Patsy produces beautiful sable pups with gorgeous thick coats and sweet, loving dispositions.

Pedigree Tree and Eye certificate

Precious Patsy


Poppy's Miss Ellie

Poppy's Miss Ellie is a daughter of our dear Poppy and beloved Teddy Bear. She is a very gentle, mild mannered darling who gets along with everyone. She loves to play and wants to be the center of attention everywhere. She is more refined in bone and structure and has a darling foxy face. She crosses nicely on our males and her pups are proving to be a wonderful representation of our Haystack Corgis; easy to train, conformationally correct, intelligent with tons of personality!

Pedigree and certifications


All That Jazz

“Jazzy” is our farm “show off”. She completed her UKC Championship title having won 5 Best Female Championships, 2 Best of Breed and 1 Reserve Best in the Herding Group. Way to go Jazzy! She is extremely well bred, her sire LS Neildiamond is an AKC Grand Champion. Her bloodlines include AKC and UKC champions throughout. She is a beautifully colored sable with a full collar of white. Jazzy is all about having fun! She is playful, intelligent and easy to train.

Pedigree, Eye and Champion Show Certifications

Pynewoode A Little Jazzed Up
"Lola" as we call her is a lot like her mother Jazzy and sire Tank. She is an absolute love bug who wants to cuddle in your lap and lick your face. She is smaller in size but big in heart! Lola loves to play and is very outgoing with other dogs, the first to start a game of chase. She is on her way to her Championship title after just a few shows out. She is OFA certified "good". She is a beautiful dark faced tri with a gorgeous full collar of white.

Pedigree and Certifications


Polka Dottie

Haystack's Polka Dottie

Polka Dottie is our little love bug. She just wants to be in everyone's lap and lick their face. She takes after her grandmother Cowgirl and her father Jax with a strong desire to herd. She is all about fun and games. Polka Dottie is a little smaller than some of the show ring Corgis but she is well balanced, athletic and has a beautiful expression about her. Polka Dottie is DM clear.


Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
"Suzy Q" was our "pick" of a litter of eight. Much like her mother, she's a "love bug" who prefers to lounge in your lap and be by your side. She has beautiful dark points on her face around her muzzle and eyes and tends to color her pups the same way. Suzy Q won Best Female at her first show out only weeks after nursing 15 puppies! She had a litter of 7 and was a supplementing “mom” to 8 additional puppies for 5 weeks. She completed her UKC championship title in 2008 and is now a "calendar girl" therapy dog. Suzy Q was chosen as a "cover girl" dog in recognition of the countless hours of therapy she and her partner Debbie Hollard generously donate throughout the years.

Pedigree, vWD, OFA, Eye and Championship certifications

With heavy hearts and watery eyes, we say good bye to SuzyQ. Miss SuzyQ was the most loveable corgi, my side kick and shadow, the cuddliest companion anyone could ask for. It was a joy watching her grow up. We did a lot together for 15 plus years. She loved going to dog shows and winning her championship. She was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She also loved her time as a therapy dog for 8 years. When she could not walk well, we got a stroller for her to get around. SuzyQ loved getting dressed up too. The hospital and nursing homes just loved her and she put many smiles on people’s faces, and loved going to the Tour de Corgi in Ft. Collins. She will be missed by many that knew her. She never complained about anything and always wanted to be by my side. SuzyQ may be gone, but I will remember all the good times we had. We will meet up again someday at the bridge. Love you SuzyQ - to the moon and back!

Miss Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue is the daughter of our beloved Suzy Q and sired by Tank. Just like her mother and grandmother Peggy Sue has the beautiful dark points on her face around her muzzle and eyes. She looks like she has spent hours in front of the mirror with her makeup brush. She has earned her Championship title, is OFA certified "good" and CERF certified as well. She is DM tested as well and her results are posted. Peggy Sue loves to play and has the disposition of her parents, easy to train and easier to love!
Peggy is now a registered therapy dog through TDInc, like her parents, and will be making visits to the hospital when Tank and Suzy retire. Meanwhile she is visiting nursing homes, bringing smiles to all she meets.

Pedigree and Certifications

Peggy Sue


Asha Factor of the Sues
Asha is a 4th generation Haystack Acres Corgi! She is sired by the international and well known show Grand Champion LS Neildiamond, out of Miss Peggy Sue. Asha has lots of energy and loves to be involved in everyone's business! She is smaller in conformation than some of our dogs here, but her attitude makes up for her size. She is OFA certified, CERF certified and her pups will be DM free.

Pedigree and certificates

Whitney is one of our “show princesses” here at Haystack. She recently completed her UKC championship title and is also on her way to earn a Grand Champion title. Her Sire AKC/UKC Champion Storm Rain JP Ahab, is an import from Japan. Whitney’s dam Star Views All That Jazz is also an AKC/UKC Champion, sired by the well known AKC/UKC/Canadian Grand Champion LS Neildiamond. Whitney is sweet, outgoing and friendly to all. She even adopted several puppies from another litter to help them along and took them on as her own until weaning! Whitney is OFA certified, vWD-clear and CERF certified. Her favorite place to be is by our side or warming our feet.

Pedigree, vWD, OFA, Eye and Championship certifications


Haystacks Shady Lady

Haystacks Shady Lady, “Lulu” as we call her is a beautiful sable, she is champion bred going back to our dear Tank’s Teddy Bear. The beautiful dark eyeliner is a classic trademark of our Tank and Teddy bloodlines. Lulu is a playful, athletic, well balanced and very nice minded Corgi. She does have a notable drive to herd, be it dogs, horses, cats or people! She is easy to train and truly wants to please. She is a wonderful, nurturing mama, loves her babies (and her roasted chicken with sweet potatoes!) as well!







SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time
"Tammi" our beautiful "glamour" coated lady is as sweet as her expression. Her bloodline speaks for itself with champions throughout her pedigree on both the top and bottom side. She has litter mates that are already UKC and international champions.

Certification & Pedigree tree, Sire, Dam, Siblings

Sweet Caroline

"Carrie" is a grand-daughter of our beloved Tammi, who is now retired. She is sired by AKC Grand Champion LS Neildiamond and a daughter of our Bella.
She is a confident, wants to work and please kind of gal. She has beautiful substance to her bone structure and a strong working dog mentality. Training is effortless with Carrie and we hope to get to the agility ring when time permits. Carrie is DM clear (her bloodlines include our beloved DM clear "Tank"). She will be bred to our DM clear "Jax", who is one of the most athletic dogs we have ever had here at Haystack. Her litter will be DM clear.

Pedigree and Certificates


Foxy Little Sophie

Sophie is a granddaughter of Miss Foxy Roxy and carries champion bloodlines throughout her pedigree, including our beloved "Tank" as well as Gr. Ch LS Neildiamond. She is a "fluffy" coated darling that when crossed on our “Jax" produces gorgeous thick coated pups. She is DM clear and her litters will be DM clear as well. Sophie loves to play, work, and just hang out. She is always up for games and wants to play with everyone, including the Berners who are 3 times her size!

Pedigree Tree and Certificates


Foxy Little Annie

Annie is growing up right in the footsteps of her mother and father, Sophie and Jax, silly and athletic! She loves to play games, especially with the Berners who want to play along! She is a beautiful dog with a lovely coat and excellent conformation and bone structure. She has a sweet expression about her, (especially when she isn't 'squinting' from the bright sun/snow contrast!) and her willingness to please and desire to work is simply delightful. Her pups are showing an impressive intelligence and ease in training as well as classic Corgi good looks! Annie is DM clear by parentage.


Pedigree and certifications


Cowgirl Katie
Cowgirl is our genuine farmhand! She is out of working parents who have jobs in cattle feedlots. She is very intelligent and loves to help with the chores around the ranch. She would prefer to move the horses, instead of let me lead them, but she is willing to wait for a command. Cowgirl is very intelligent and easily trained. She crosses beautifully on all our studs and her litters sell out in advance.

Cowgirl Katie's Pedigree

Hi Lynn
I cannot believe my Haystack Acres puppy-now named Posey has been with me a year now. She is the most wonderful dog! Many thanks for breeding the best PWC’s out there.
I’ve attached a couple photos of Posey-she is athletic, smart and very affectionate-we are in LOVE!
Thanks Kris Terrell

Posey recently received her
PWCCA Herding Instinct Certificate!

By Josh out of Miss Cowgirl Katie


“Miss Kandy Dancer" and “Lizzie IV” are full “look-alike” sisters. Kandy likes to play “fetch the ball” and Lizzie likes to “play fetch the food”! They are energetic and always eager for games. Champion sired by HoneyFox Bramble Berry, they are consistent with champions throughout both sides of their pedigree.
Kandy's Pedigree, vWD, OFA and Eye Certs

Lizzie's OFA Cert

Honey Fox
HoneyFox Bramble Berry
Kandy Lizzie
Kandy "Fetch the Ball" --- Lizzie "Fetch the Food".

Kandy Dancer

Lizzie IV

Miss Foxy Roxy
Though a bit bashful, "Roxy"
is extremely intelligent and
very loyal. She is a true
companion, always by my
side. She is so smart, training
is effortless. She has beautiful
confirmation and gorgeous
Pedigree tree

Miss Diamond Lil
"Lilly" is our chrome producer.
Her pups are always creatively
marked with lots of white. She
is a very affectionate gal, who
likes to lick and cuddle. Lilly is
our smallest Corgi, but her
heart makes up for her lack of