Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs


Our Happy Bernese Customers!
We’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with the wonderful families who’ve adopted our puppies over the years. Many have shared pictures and stories of their pups as they mature into adults, again helping us prove what we claim over the many years in our breeding program.

Hi Lynn!
We hope that you and your family at Haystack Acres are well and enjoyed Thanksgiving Day. We want you to know how much we have enjoyed having Mayzie as part of our family and are happy to report how well she is doing. We attribute this to your skilled breeding, diet program, to her great parents (Wally and Charlitta), and see their disposition in her every day. She is so intelligent and gentle with kids and other dogs it’s amazing. She's become a celebrity of sorts in our neighborhood - most everyone knows her name and has been watching her grow! She is so social and insists on meeting all the dogs and people we pass, and greets them all gently, with a big smile. Everywhere we go, people stop us and ask where we got her, with one person that we met in Vail this summer going so far as taking note of her parents’ names! Stay safe and well!
Warmly, Lisa
By Wallace Fowler's Land out of Charlitta
Hi Lynn,
I wanted to provide an update and pictures of Avery (yellow from Daisy and Nitro). She is so smart, sometimes to her detriment! She is such a happy girl and loves making new friends, big and small! She is the most loving dog, wanting to sit in our laps despite her size and trying to get on our bed to snuggle whenever possible! She is still very much a puppy, but is growing into such a good girl and wonderful family member!
Hope all is well!
Hi Lynn,
Hope you are doing well! Since Odell (Kia + Wally pup) turns 1 and Avery (Daisy + Nitro pup) turns 2.5 this week, I thought I would send you an update. I definitely think we made the perfect choice in a male puppy after much consideration. Odell is the sweetest and happiest boy! He literally brings a smile to my face every time I look at him! He is also a very smart guy and very eager to please. Avery has been a great older sister and has blossomed into a loyal girl who loves to go on every adventure with us! She is always excited to meet new furry and human friends. She also loves to snuggle and nuzzle you for love! These two have truly filled our lives with so much joy and love, and we are so grateful! Below are some pictures to enjoy!
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Daisy
Hi Lynn,
I hope you are doing well! We are loving our Gus man - attached are some pictures! He is such a goofy boy with an endless supply of cuddles. We feel so blessed to have him in our family 🙂
Hi Lynn and Karen,
Reyana (aka known as Tan) turns 12 weeks old today. She is an absolute bundle of pretty much every positive adjective there is. It would be difficult to narrow it down, but If I had to pick two, I’d go with bundle of joy and bundle of love.
Sometimes when I look at her, her cuteness is so overwhelming that it feels like heartbreak. I know that sounds like a bit much, but it’s true. I can’t believe there was even a moment when we were picking out a puppy that I thought more traditional markings (even white around the snout) was something to consider. Now we adore her asymmetrical markings and think they make her both unique and the cutest Berner there is.
We are thoroughly enjoying her as a puppy but are also looking forward to seeing the adult dog she grows into. Thank you so much for giving her such a good start in this world. You can be assured we love her as much as possible and will take the very best of care of her, always!
Allison, Dave and Damian
By Admiraal Ad out of Daliah
Hi Lynn,
We are so thrilled to have Angus in our family! Thank you for the happiness you have given us with this awesome friend. At 16 months old, Angus looks like his mama Siri and is a big goofy fella (is this a Dozer thing?). He's healthy, funny, incredibly easy to train, and always happy to hangout whatever we're doing. Whether we're at a dog-friendly brewery, out for a walk, or sitting on the front porch, he's always delighted to see folks and say hi. He's also a great traveler and has done a few trips around Colorado with us. Whether it's hiking or snowshoeing, he's up for doing anything the family is doing. That includes being a couch potato on streaming movie nights. I work at home and he's my constant companion. And in times of coronavirus, we're all home and Angus couldn't be happier. He's brought us so much joy, especially in these trying times. We're so fortunate that we found Haystack Acres and got to work with you in this whole process. Thank you for your commitment and passion for the breed and for your hard work to breed and raise healthy, outstanding dogs. Thanks for working with us, welcoming us, and staying connected to us in our Berner adventure!
By Admiraal Ad out of Siri
Hello Lynn,
He's been such a great dog. Super smart, house trained already and has very astute hearing. Loves watching the birds fly by, listening to the snow melt drain down the gutters and has made a bunch of dog friends in our neighborhood.
Chaco Ruhlin:
14.5 Weeks
32 Lbs
Loves sticks, snow & talking back to mom
Thank you guys so much for having such a professional breeding program. Everyone raves about your dog's dispositions and personalities.
I know we are benefiting from that.
Daisy boy Black (Chaco, 4.5 months @ 41lbs) continues to exceed our expectations. He's 100% house trained and sleeping with us in the bedroom. We're about 40/60 with him on his bed vs our bed, respectively. Definitely not going to work when he's 100+ lbs. He gets very vocal around 5am, 1hr before breakfast time. We are convinced he takes secret lessons from Bruce Lee because he has a mean right jab.
Warm Regards in these crazy times,
The Ruhlins
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Daisy
Hello Karen and Lynn,
I wanted to let you know that Lily and I just passed our test for the Humane Society’s VIPaws program. Lily is now designated as a therapy dog and we will be seeing my counseling clients and hopefully see inpatients at hospitals. Lily is the coolest dog I know. She is just naturally such a great therapy dog- she loves people and just knows how to chill. She seems to see her role as making other dogs and people feel better- she does it so well!
Thank you so much for breeding and raising such a wonderful being!
John and Lily
By Admiraal Ad out of Country Queen Reba
Hello Lynn,
My husband and I bought a puppy from you, from Mishka and Nitro's May 8, 2017 litter. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing pup we brought home on July 4th, 2017. We named our puppy Nessee and she is the best dog I have ever had. She is ridiculously smart and has been a dream to train! My goal is to have her be a therapy dog in hospitals by next summer. She loves everyone she meets. She is a smaller BMD which we love. She was 78 pounds at one year. She has been to ten different states with us and loves to hike. Thank you for such a great addition to our family! I couldn't be happier with her. My coworker, Candi, also bought a pup from you because she fell in love with Nessee (from Mishka and Nitro's December litter). Our dogs play with each other frequently and love their brother/sister time.
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Mishka
Hi Lynn,
Just thought we would give you an update on Perun. He is 14 weeks old now and doing so well! He has completed his first puppy class and we are going to continue his training in anticipation of him becoming a therapy dog. He is such a smart dog and has been very easy to train (even housetraining has gone really well). And he just loves being around people and all the attention he gets. We were noticing how much he looks like his dad Nitro. Like his dad, he gives high fives, which everyone just loves (he was quite a hit at PetSmart the other day, where we got squeals of delight from a group of young people when he gave them high fives). He also quickly fit in with our other two dogs, as well as our cats. He really is a joy and is a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you so much for everything and should any future clients need a reference, we would be happy to provide one.
Denise and Tom
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Frau Limbas Onesiphorus - "Flo"
Hi Lynn,
I've intended to write this email for quite some time. I wanted you to know how much we LOVE Murphy. He is the sweetest dog with the most awesome disposition. He is so content to simply sit in our company (actually, he's most happy when he is snuggling with someone). He is well-mannered, was the easiest dog we have ever trained, and even breezed through his awkward puppy phase. We can't imagine our family without Murphy. Our old guy Milo (an eleven-year-old Lab-Berner mix) amazingly also adores Murphy. I've included a few pics - one on his way home from the groomer, looking particularly dashing, and another of he and his brother Milo lounging on the deck. I hope that you are well and when we are in need of another family dog in the next few years, I hope that you will still be in the Berner business.
By Admiraal Ad out of Mishka
Bosco is the best pup ever. He only gets up about once a night to pee. (He sleeps in his crate next to my bed). He’s learning his name and responds well to my voice whether I’m calling him to come to me or telling him “no” if he tries to eat the coffee table. I’m working on housebreaking him and we have a ways to go but we’re trying to be consistent.
He’s growing fast and eating well. He had a bit of diarrhea last night but probably just from chewing sticks and grass when playing. Some pumpkin cleared it up pretty quick. He’s wonderful!
Thank you. Mike
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Frau Limbas Onesiphorus - "Flo"
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Hi Lynn,
Flora has graduated from puppy classes and is now training in Service dog prep and is doing great, especially as she’s much younger than some of the others.
What I wanted to share is the training company we use has done a photo shoot of her and she is now the “face of AZ dog sports!
She’s the best. Jane Parrish
By Admiraal Ad out of Haystack’s High Hildi
Hi Lynn
Just thought I would give you an update on Parker! She's almost 16 weeks now, and has so much personality! She's quite the goofball, and provides non-stop laughs to our family and friends. She is super sweet and loves to be around people. She also takes after Dozer and loves sitting on feet! I have so much fun with her, and she was the best addition we could have hoped for. Thank you so much for this wonderful baby!
Hope all is going well,
By Admiraal Ad out of Lyra
Dear Lynn,
We bought one of your puppies just a short 4 years ago. Rowan is a registered therapy dog and really enjoys working with kids. I was on your site today and saw that High Country Charles had passed. He truly lives on in Rowan.
Thank you so much for your wonderful breeding program of truly outstanding Bernese Mountain Dogs. I've no doubt we will return to you for another puppy. Kim
By High Country Charles out of Limba
Hi Lynn and Karen,
As promised, I wanted to send you guys an update on our Ebby girl. I've included some photos as well. She will be 5 months old this September and is already so big! She weighs about 35 pounds right now and is growing like a weed!
Ebby is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She is quite the snuggler, always wanting to lay in my lap. I love it for now, but that may get tough pretty quickly as she grows! She is always so calm and easygoing, and is just the perfect companion.
I love seeing dogs' personalities develop. Ebby does a couple goofy things that are just so "her". Every morning when she's ready to get up she lets out this warbling howl - almost like she's singing! It makes me giggle every time. She also gets super excited for meals, jumping all over the place and spinning in circles before running to her food dish. We love our goofy girl!
She is doing well with her "big brother" Shooter, our Corgi puppy from Lynn. The two were exactly the same size when we brought her home. Shooter still thinks he's the alpha, but I think Ebby knows better. She's taken to putting a paw in his face when he gets annoying. I love watching them play together, they are quite the pair!
We love our puppies! I can't imagine our lives without them. Thank you both for everything!
Kaitlyn, Jeff, Ebby, and Shooter
Yesterday was Ebby’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone and how big our “little” girl has gotten! She is over 60 pounds now, and I think she looks so much like Reba. We celebrated her birthday with some yummy puppy treats and party hats.
Overall Ebby is doing really well. She had emergency surgery back in January after she destroyed a rope bone and swallowed one of the knotted ends. We took her to an emergency clinic in Wheat Ridge that took great care of her. They have a policy that requires that they spay or neuter any intact dogs at the same time as any surgeries, so we had them remove the toy, spay her, fix her umbilical hernia, and do a gastropexy all at once! It was a little sooner than we would have liked (she was 9 months old), but ultimately everything was fine, and she’s healed well.
Ebby is a happy, spunky girl. She recently learned how to catch, so we’ve been spending lots of time at the park with the frisbee. She never quite beats Shooter to it, but she’s almost as fast as he is now! She gets lots of compliments during our walks (and only some of them are from me), and her beautiful markings are the talk of any public place we visit.
Ebby is a great snuggler, and a wonderful companion. We are so happy to have her, and we’re looking forward to many more years together!
By Admiraal Ad out of Country Queen Reba
Gus and Poppy have now been a part of our family for 3 months and we could not be happier! They’ve definitely grown and continue to grow each and every day, both physically and mentally. Both are super smart, and very clever. Poppy is our wild child but is also a little daddy’s girl who loves to cuddle. She’s very athletic and loves attention from humans more than other pups, unless it’s Gus! Gus is our big teddy bear and a momma’s boy. He’s independent when he wants, but loves a good cuddle as well. He started off a little shy, but has come out of his shell and loves playing with other pups! If you want to follow the lives and adventures of Gus and Poppy, follow them on Instagram by searching for their handle @Gus_and_Poppy. Thanks Haystack Acres and we hope to come visit with the pups soon! – Jared, Amanda, Poppy, and Gus – And on YouTube
Gus and Poppy
Gus is by Admiraal Ad out of Country Queen Reba Poppy is by Krypton Fowler's Land out of Frau Limbas Onesiphorus - "Flo"
Our girl, Jessie, is almost 1 year old and she has been the perfect addition to our family! She has been easy to train and is always right by my side, ready for a snuggle. Our kids love her and she is very gentle with them. We get compliments on how beautiful she is wherever we go! Lynn was great to work with and answered all of my questions from the day we sent our deposit in to when we picked Jessie up to take her home.
Thank you, Haystack Acres!
The Lewis Family
By Admiraal Ad out of Country Queen Reba
Hi Lynn,
We thought we’d let you know how our Bailey girl is doing. At 7 months old now she weighs 65 lbs. She came out of Nitro and Mishka and is absolutely gorgeous! She is extremely athletic and will either make us healthier or take years off our lives. She is truly a wonder. With her beauty, she could be pictured in any Berner Christmas calendar. She may be the smartest dog we've ever had but more important is how mentally well balanced she is. Always confident and happy and ever so loving, with a healthy amount of the dickens just waiting to come out. When we decided to get a Berner for a family pet we thought we would get a very good dog.....what we got from you and Haystack Acres is an amazing, awesome, super dog and we are so grateful every day that we chose you for our breeder. Should any of your potential clients want a reference, they're welcome to call or email us. Hope all is well with you and the gang.
John and Anna
Hi Lynn,
Just thought we'd drop ya a note, think it's been about six months, and let you know that our Bailey is doing super. She is now 14 months old and is as healthy and beautiful as ever! She is the sweetest, most loving, most human dog we've ever seen. Bailey is also way too smart. Let's reiterate that. WAY TOO SMART!!
She understands our conversations and we suspect she's good at math and spelling too. She's also extremely athletic, which is a polite way of saying that except for brief periods of rest, she is active, active, active. We still attribute all these wonder dog qualities to you as a breeder. FYI, she had her first/only heat (period, menses?) last August at 9 mos. old and was spayed immediately after. We got one good picture of her in a diaper. It was laparoscopically assisted so recovery was swift and easy. Anyway, we just wanted to stay in touch. Always thinking fondly of you and Haystack Acres. Hope you and family are well.
John and Anna
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Mishka
Hello Lynn!
Just thought I'd send you some current pictures of Timber. He's doing so well and getting so big so fast. He's been such a pleasure to train and does so well on outings and even had his first road trip to Arizona with us last week. He'll be headed to California with us for spring break next month too, he's a great travel dog! We are just so in love with this boy, he has the sweetest, happiest disposition.
Hope you are well!
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Mishka
Hi Lynn,
I want to share with you some of my favorite photos of Oliver. He's BEYOND PERFECT!!!! I'M SO IN LOVE!!! He's so smart, such a ham, incredibly sensitive & beyond charming. He's so social that when I walk him in the park and we don't see other people and dogs he whimpers. Oliver and I started our training for him to become a therapy dog and he's a star. Thank you so much for bringing this quickly growing (33 lbs) bundle of massive joy into my life. 🙂
By Admiraal Ad out of Country Queen Reba
It's been a while since we last spoke. Just wanted to shoot you a quick email with some photos of Walter. He's an absolute gem, and we couldn't be happier with him! Currently, he is around 62lbs and gaining about 10lbs a he'll be a big ball of hair in no time. Thanks again for working with us on delivering Walter, and feel free to reach out if you'd like us to pass along any other photos in the coming months.
Steve & Mariel
By Haystacks Rocky Mountain Bourbon Barrel out of Kali
Hi Lynn,
Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve with your family. We thought we'd check in and give you an update on Mr. Hudson Odell Mear. We love him so much and he's been a wonderful puppy. He is pretty much potty trained now, despite an accident here or there. He sleeps in his kennel every night and through the whole night! He weighs 35 lbs now and is growing so fast! He knows how to sit and lay down. He loves the snow and going on walks. We wanted to thank you again for introducing such a blessing into our lives. Here are a few pictures attached for you to see! Hope all is well.
Allix and Eric
Mr. Hudson Odell Mear
By Krypton Fowler's Land out of Limba
Hey Lynn!
How are you doing? We hope you're doing well! Luke and I just love Harvey and are seriously considering getting him a friend! I wanted to see if Limba has a liter this Fall or any future ones and if so, is there availability on that list? These dogs are just the best!
Laura, Luke and Harvey
By High Country Charles out of Limba
Hi Lynn,
Joey has been an amazing dog so far. I don’t know if you recall, but you ended up having to keep him a couple of extra weeks for us. At the time, you mentioned that doing so may have been the right thing to do – it certainly was! Every day we thank our lucky stars for him! Joey is 110lbs as of this week. We had him neutered about 2 months ago because he had been a little aggressive with some of the bigger dogs at daycare. Other than that, he may be the sweetest dog in the world. I’ve attached some pictures of him here. I’m hoping sometime in the future, when I stop traveling, even the little bit I do, we can get him a brother to play with. When that happens, I will certainly be reaching out to you again.
Wishing you all the best!
By High Country Charles out of Limba
I'm sorry I haven't emailed you sooner! It's been a busy summer with lots of puppy training 🙂
We named our girl Misha and are so in love with her!
I hope all is going well in Colorado with you and your family!
By High Country Charles out of Limba
Sorry it has been so long Lynn, but a quick update on our two Berners we adopted from you last July. Aside from frequent visits to the vets for antibiotics, probiotics etc. due to rubbish they have eaten, they are fit and healthy. And knock on wood, their stomachs seem to have settled down and we have not had to visit the vet for a month or two now! They are both nudging about 90 lbs and obviously their growth has slowed down; the vet seems very happy with their weight and is encouraging us to keep them lean. They were spayed/neutered just before their first birthday and aside from Barnie hating his cone of shame, were both fine through the procedure. They are loving their life in Breckenridge with record snow last year to play in and long hikes now to let them burn off all that puppy energy. Overall we could not be happier with them as they are so much fun.
I hope things are going well for you.
Many thanks,
The Weller family.
Poppy and Barnie
By High Country Charles out of Luna
Hi Lynn, hope all is well with you and the family. I would love to bring Boss by for a visit some time very soon. "Thank You" greatly for such an amazing canine. Boss is the most beautiful, happy puppy ever. His personality goes on for days! He makes us laugh all the time. He is intelligent, easy to train, loyal, and very loving. Boss is now almost a year old and has matured into a BIG boy. He is pushing 100+ lbs, and to be such a big boy, he is amazingly agile. Our girl pup Gemma & Boss are the best of friends. Completely inseparable!! We just took Boss on his first camping trip, and he loved it!! It is the season, so there will be lots more camping & hiking for all of us to enjoy.
He will definitely live up to his name; he is the BOSS around here! Our Fury Family is now complete! Again "thank you" for such an amazing animal, we love him very much.
The Early Family
By High Country Charles out of Limba
Lynn, just want to drop you a quick note and let you know that Tugg is doing Great!!! He's such a sweetheart and we have a lot of people that are lovin' on him constantly!!!
Hope all is well with you and yours!!
Rene Anderson
~ Update ~
Hi Lynn!! Just an update on Tugg...he's turning into such a handsome boy!!! I just love his personality!! What a sweet heart, a perfect addition to our family. If you ever need to re-home any pups or adults, please think of me. I am truly enjoying Berner parenthood!!!
By High Country Charles out of Limba
Good afternoon Lynn,
I thought I'd take a moment to send you some pictures! I know it's only been a week, but we have some adorable ones! As you can see from the subject line, we named her Lacy.
Hope all is well!
Thanks, Kaelyn
By High Country Charles out of Limba
We are absolutely amazed at what an incredible dog Bentley is and, he is so loving and smart. Everything we trained him to do he gets right away! We couldn’t be more pleased with our new family member! He is a rock star at the beach, everyone wants to know about him and, the story of our connection and the how and where he’s from blows people away! Great Stuff Mate!
I will try and get back whenever possible and, connect with you when we do. Thanks for your dedication to the breeding of such fine ‘canine beast’ companions!
We LOVE this dog!
Sam Maphis and family
By High Country Charles out of Luna
Hi Lynn,
Wes, Cameron, Bubba and Dixie here checking in. How has your fall started off? We have had our hands full with moving in, working hard and loving our puppies!
At 21 weeks the puppies are wonderful. Bubba is a BIG boy and lumbers around a bit oafish like and weighs in at 60 lbs! His paws are the size of baseballs and has a huge head with ears that drag in the water bowl. He's going to follow in his dad and uncle's footsteps size wise we're projecting. He is the mellower of the two but both have such funny personalities.
Dixie is out going and curious. She is more "zingy" and loves nothing more than to spend her days antagonizing Bubba. She loves running around with sticks and jumping off rocks. She has a silky coat with curls where Bubba is still a big fuzz ball- and so soft!
They were within two pounds of each other for a long time but Bubba has started to grow true to his name and has started growing bigger than Dixie. She is now 55 lbs to Bubba's 60. They love playing with each other and they adore toys, sticks, digging holes.... the usual puppy favorites 🙂
We like to take them out into the world often. They are well-known and loved around Home Depot and Chatacqua Park (we live only a block away). When we come home from being away we are met with grunts and squeaks and wagging tails. They are happy and healthy.
They are learning "big dog" tricks like jumping in and out of the car and abandoning the crate. They are well behaved and they are our whole world. They sure are beautiful too 🙂 we take lots of pictures so if you want or need any for your website we have tons!
We also wanted to thank you again, Lynn. As I mentioned we love these puppies so much and our household feels complete. You are an ideal breeder and we feel so lucky to have gotten our two from such a conscientious breeder who cares so much. Thank you - thank you.
Hope all is well with you,
c&w, b+d
Dixie and Bubba
By High Country Charles out of Luna
Dear Haystack Acres-
Haystack Acres is a ranch immaculately maintained, staffed by a team of people who love all of their animals and show an incredibly strong work ethic and pride. We are forever grateful for our amazing new family member, Ahi - now 9 months old.
We first came to your gorgeous ranch in July of 2012. We met Luna and instantly fell in love. What a wonderful mama and companion. We hoped if her puppies were even half as gorgeous and sweet as she was, we would be in luck. Well, Ahi is all that and more (says his guardian!).
We were so anxious to get our new puppy home and we are thankful Lynn humored us with many pre-puppy visits. Once we were able to bring Ahi home we knew we would never be able to repay Haystack Acres for this unique, kind, mild-mannered, GORGEOUS creature. He even came home 'mostly' potty trained and slept well. Instantly our hearts were stolen.
He is now our nearly 90 pound lapdog! He has the most wonderful personality. He is kind, happy, easy going, loving and loyal. Ahi is used to many kids playing in the yard, loves nice walks and short hikes, is easily trained and is the son we never had! He is healthy as a horse and we are forever BERNER LOVERS!
Vaccaro Family
Out of Luna
Good Morning.
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know Maggie is thriving. She was 91# last week on her 9 month birthday. Maggie and Briscoe go to daycare every week day and they love it. According to Sherry (owner of the daycare), Maggie gets lots of compliments from people that stop throughout the day. Her coat is so shiny and curly. She dwarfs Briscoe now although he is still the boss. So much for my idea of getting a Berner close in size to Briscoe. Oh well, she is perfect at any size. She is the cuddliest dog I’ve ever had, and has to have her morning cuddles and hugs and kisses every day. She’s quite the lap dog as well.
Maggie Mae
Out of Luna
We have had our new little Bernese girl for about 3 weeks now, we named her Blu and she is an awesome addition to our family…our other dogs ( 2 corgis and a golden) are a little jealous still but everyone is adapting. She is growing so fast, every day I pick her up and she is a little heavier..the days of holding her are going to be numbered. She is very healthy, long long legs..I call her spider girl for her nickname right now. She has beautiful freckles that I hope she will keep…I will keep you posted on her progress. Our corgis Annabelle and Winston that we got from you are also doing great – Winston is probably the biggest, longest, most handsome Corgi in the world!
Out Of Luna
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