Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs


Our Happy Corgi Customers!

We’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with the wonderful families who’ve adopted our puppies over the years. Many have shared pictures and stories of their pups as they mature into adults, again helping us prove what we claim over the many years in our breeding program.

Hi Lynn!
I hope you are doing well. Time sure goes by quickly, and it’s hard to believe our sweet little girl from Haystack Acres is already 5 years old! I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Alice. Her parents are Jax and Sophie.
She has definitely brought a lot of love and energy to our home over the past 5 years. She keeps our two boys who are 12 and 9 in line! She’s also definitely the boss of our other corgi, Cooper. She loves swimming, leaving her toys all over the house, and jumping on the boys’ beds for story time. Our home would not be the same without her, and we think she’s just beautiful!
Wishing you a happy year ahead!
By Jax out of Foxy Little Sophie
Hi Lynn,
Hope you and your family are well. I thought I would send you an update on our boy Chai from Ditto and Hershey. He is the most beautiful boy! We get compliments on him all the time! He is full of personality and loves water. Chai also loves doing puzzles and has been easy to train. Everyone is impressed by how good he is with other dogs and children. There is a Bernese Mountain dog in our neighborhood that they received from you. Chai loves him! We could not be happier with our little pup! He is a social butterfly and we are so glad to have chosen you as our breeder. Hope you enjoy the pictures. If you want to check him out in the future, he has an instagram account happychaicorgi. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful pup!
By Smithshires Clearly a Haystack Hershey Kiss out of Dot's Royal Madea
Hi! I’ve been meaning to email you for a long time and just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m not sure if you will read this but my grandmother breeds dogs and I know breeders usually enjoy updates from people who have bought their dogs. About 6 years ago I was 12 and I bought a puppy from an Asha and Jax litter! I named him Bodie and he’s my best friend. He’s super stubborn even for a corgi ha-ha. But he’s such a character and he is just the best pup. He LOVES to bark, go on walks, chase beach balls, chase squirrels, and to go into pet friendly stores and ride in carts. He has an older sister who is a rescue and he tolerates her even though she constantly wants to play with him when he’s not in the mood. He’s definitely a handful but we love him lots. We moved to Cape Cod about 4 years ago so now he’s a cape cod pup and has driven cross country multiple times. Anyway, thank you for giving me my best friend. He was a puppy and I was 12 and now he’s 6 and I’m 17 and he’s just the goofiest little guy.
By Jax out of Miss Asha
Hi Lynn,
We are head over heels in love with Lola! She is a delight to have around and has been easy to train. She has quickly learned several commands and does well on a leash. She has had the chance to meet other dogs while on walks and is very friendly. She loves picking out favorite sticks during walks, running through leaves and chasing bunnies (we’re keeping an eye on that one). We can’t thank you enough for your help. She is a fantastic addition to the family. We look forward to many great adventures with her and watching her grow.
Thank you again!
Katie and Daniel
Miss Green Collar (Lola)
By Smithshires Clearly a Haystack Hershey Kiss out of Dot's Royal Madea
Good morning Lynn,
I don't know if you remember us, but we bought a puppy from you about 2 years ago (a tri-color from Jax and Eliza). With all of the craziness and darkness in the world right now, I wanted to reach out and thank you for the ray of sunshine you brought into our world. When we got our new puppy home, he was so brave and gregarious we ended up naming him Sir Percival (Percy for short), and he has only grown into that name further over the last couple of years.
I've been fortunate that since the time we got him, he's been able to come into my office with me, and I refer to him as the Chief Morale Officer. He's super social, and super snuggly. I don't think he's ever met a person he didn't want to say hi to. We did a lot of work with him when he was little, but you totally laid that foundation with how you handle them as tiny puppies. Over the last month especially as we've all started going back to work, he's definitely been an emotional support dog for folks. He and our other animals get along so well, and we couldn't have asked for a better buddy for our other dog. Where he's all courage, she's a timid girl. I took them to get groomed, and it was the first time I took them together. Percy sensing how nervous Tasha was, sat by the tub with her for her whole bath. Our groomer was so entertained about our gallant little knight making sure his lady was ok :D. Things has been tough lately, but spending extra time with the pets has helped it feel less scary, and Percy has been taking care of all of us in his way. Thank you so much for the work you do to breed and raise such healthy amazing dogs. With Andrew being a vet tech, and our experiences in animal welfare, we were blown away by how great your setup is at Haystack, and how healthy and happy your dogs are. Percival is about as close to perfect as they come, and he's been absolutely perfect for us. I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy.
Take care,
Lily, Andrew, and Percy
Sir Percival
By Jax out of Lizza, sister to Ellie
We could not have been luckier to meet Lynn. Haystack Acres corgis are really the best in the business! Our beloved Owen lived a happy, healthy, energetic and bright 15.5. years in Boulder, Broomfield, and eventually the Bay Area. I also had the honor of co-raising his litter-sister, Ping Ping with my college roommate from Day 1. Ping Ping also lived to a ripe 15.5 between Denver and Dallas, sharing her smarts, strength, agility, and faithfulness with her family until the very end. Owen was often mistaken for being a puppy, even well into his teen years. He was nimble and quick in both mind and body, and his booming bark at dog parks showed his gravitas in spite of his shorter stature. Nothing was little about him - he lived a big dog life in a low-rider body. Even when some of his elder whites finally started to show, he was ever the distinguished gentleman. The quintessential corgi, he was smart (stubborn), highly food-motivated (always hungry), independent (needy in just the right amount), patient, loving and hilarious in every way. His comedic timing convinced us of his understanding of English, and he was treated like (royal) family. That comical, happy disposition spread to everyone, literally. His ever-smiley expression and personality would bring smiles to even the most stoic of faces - I witnessed this many times on our strolls around our neighborhood, exploring nearby towns, and frolicking on the beach. What a pupperazzi magnet! We'd be stopped countlessly as people admired and asked for pictures (and pats). Owen LOVED the attention of course, dutifully showing his best side (all of them) for a snap. I do not exaggerate to say that Owen drew crowds of people wanting a pic with him at San Francisco's CorgiCon despite literally hundreds of corgis swarming Ocean Beach. This astonished us each of the three times we were able to attend the semi-annual event that's been around since 2014. As one of the elder statesmen in the crowd, we were a bit late to the social media game, though he did garner a very modest following on Instagram (@distinguished_corgi), and always flooded his pawrents Facebook posts. He was ultra-cool (and made us cooler) way before corgis became the super trend they are today. We had no major chronic health issues with him - and when the gravity of age finally weighed, he persevered through even the toughest days like a champ. When he needed us more, we went all in, just as he has always been there for us. All along the way, he brought nothing but happiness, joy, laughs and a sense of community to every group of friends, family and neighbors he encountered. We were the primary beneficiaries of his infectious love and humor. He touched and enriched the lives of every single person (and a few cats) that he met, something that can never be overstated. He was always great with children - patient and playful (and a bit of a food thief with toddlers holding food at his eye-level). He really was and always will be our most special good boy. We didn't seek the corgi life, the corgi life found us, and now we are #corgiforlife. From the get-go, it's obvious how much love, devotion and quality Lynn puts into her corgis. Ping Ping and Owen set a very high bar for corgis (no pun intended). That's why we look forward to welcoming another fur-potato into our home, especially one from Haystack Acres with a shared bloodline with our favorite corgo-pup, Owen. Always remembered and loved furever!
Jodie and Dan
By Radar out of Miss Wilma Lou
Thought I’d give you an update on the puppy. He’s a blast. A true clown. Smart and playful. He’s fully integrated into our family. Our other two dogs have absolutely accepted him. Best buds! He took to the crate like no dog we’ve ever had. To say the least, we love the Corgi. Take care and stay safe. Dario
Hi Lynn,
We got our puppy from you almost 2 years ago and he is doing wonderful. He is super loving and stubborn, just an amazing dog. He has also won a photo contest and is now on display in DIA, so if you ever fly out of Denver, one of your puppies is on display indefinitely. Here are some photos from the past years! Thanks for the addition to our family.
By Jax out of Miss Gemma
Hello Lynn,
Just wanted to let you know that we are loving our puppy and he is an absolute charmer. We named him Bilbo and call him Bill! He is fitting right in with our two older female corgis, learned to use the dog door the first day! He comes to work with me on weekdays and is quite popular. Our friend Karen came over to take pictures, I have attached a couple. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our life!
Eleanor and Lenny
By Jax out of Lizza
Our dear Atticus is looking just as gorgeous and is really the best dog we could ever hope for 4 years since he was born - we are so blessed having him in our lives! You can tell the care he was provided at Haystack before coming home. It pays dividends in how well adjusted he was. Like any puppy there is the puppy stage, but Atticus trained extremely well to be a great addition to the family and socializes wonderful with other people and animals. You can tell he came from great parents because his personality is always happy with a wonderful smile (even if he gets that flash of judgmental corgi when he sees other dogs misbehaving!)
Best regards,
Aaron and Cody
Sir Atticus Hops
By Jax out of Pynewoode A Little Jazzed Up (Lola)
Hi Lynn,
I thought I would shoot over some pictures of Loki, since I had not shared any with you since late May. We received Loki from you earlier this spring, and he has absolutely grown like a weed. Whenever we meet other corgis, they are absolutely dwarfed in size by our boy - and the vet says he is still growing! They project that he will likely be a 40-pound adult, since he is already 32 (at only seven and a half months)! Loki is extremely rambunctious and adventurous. In the original email you sent us about him, you said he was the bravest of his litter - I don’t think much has changed there. He loves going to new dog parks, and always picks out the HUGEST puppies there to play with. He loves Bernese and Malamutes, and has no problem rolling and herding them. He has graduated from three levels of obedience classes at Denver Paw School, and is starting his loose leash walking next week. After that, he gets to start practicing for the Canine Good Citizen award. He loves, loves, loves agility, and gets to start attending the older classes as soon as he turns 9 months. Ian and I took Loki to the Tour de Corgi in Fort Collins last month, and he was one of the most well-behaved pups there. We were so proud of him, and made sure to tell everyone that we got him from Haystack Acres. He even won first prize in his costume contest! Thank you so much for breeding such a good boy. We know that if we ever decide to get Loki a brother or sister that they will absolutely come from you guys.
- Allison Snavely and Ian Stewart-Shelafo
By Jax out of Haystacks Shady Lady
Hi Lynn, Hope you are well! Sorry we haven’t shared pictures of Cookie earlier, she is from an early 2017 litter.
Cookie has developed into a lovely dog. She’s very happy and gets along with all dogs. Nothing seems to phase her (well, except for the vacuum - she hates that evil monster!). She is pretty independent and has her own mind - which sometimes creates a mild stand off when walking and I want to go east and she west! But I just tell her “I’m going to pick you up” and she grabs her leash, complains and comes along. She doesn’t like to be carried - she wants to walk on her own! She’s been that way since the day we brought her home. It’s pretty cute. Lastly, she’s happiest when she’s on a trail somewhere in the great outdoors, and if there is snow - then that just the bee’s knees!
We’ve started her in agility and she’s on her way to getting her Canine Good Citizen certificate - after a little bit more obedience training. Thank you for giving her a solid foundation, she’s really a wonderful puppy.
Here are some pictures and a video of her last agility class.
By Jax out of Poppy's Miss Ellie
Hi Lynn,
I just thought I would send you a pic of Cori. She’s doing great at 7 years old!! She’s a Tank x Cowgirl Katie. Most intelligent dog I’ve ever had. She goes with me to the ranch every day. Can’t leave Home without her. Wherever we go she steals the show. She is a magnet. Oh how I wish we could get another bred the same way but I’m sure everyone is retired now.
THANK YOU!! For breeding such a great dog.
Doug Wisecarver
By Tank out of Cowgirl Katie
Hi Lynn,
We picked up our little girl “Tinkerbell” in mid-November 2017. She is from Jemma and Jax. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful pup she is and how much we love having her in the family. She is full of energy, strong, and fearless. She hikes with us daily and we are amazed at her ability and determination to climb any obstacle in her path. We are all in better shape with Tink getting us out hiking and walking. She is headstrong and always testing her boundaries but being a previous corgi owner, I stand my ground and eventually she figures out who is the boss. She is a beautiful dog and we are constantly stopped by people commenting on her good looks. Thank you for breeding wonderful corgis
Gail Alger, Utah.
By Jax out of Miss Gemma
Hi Lynn,
Happy New Year! Quick update from GA on Jack. I was working on the PC earlier this am when I realized it was WAY to quiet... and in a panic, went looking for the puppy. Look where I found my precious little one...
He is THE best and has started puppy class on his way to a successful obedience/agility/scent work career. You did a wonderful job fulfilling all my wants & desires with this little guy. Thank you!
Cindy & Jack
I thought you’d enjoy this picture of Jack at puppy training. He found the first treat and is asking for another to be hidden in the kiddie pool full of empty bottles they use to start puppies on scent work. He is a super star!! And I love him!!
Hi Lynn!
I trust that your Summer is going well. I just wanted to drop you a note on Jack. He is the best puppy EVER! We have both discovered scent work. He is a ROCK STAR! and already on his first odor [birch]. We are working toward an AKC Scent Trial on Sept 1st.
More updates to come. Cindy
Hi Lynn, I thought I’d share this picture with you (feel free to post). Jack earned his first scent work title this weekend; all before his first birthday on the 17th. WaaHOO!
Cindy & Jack
Hi Lynn,
Jack earned his 2nd AKC Scent Work title (Novice Interior) today. Thanks for a wonderful puppy!! Love him dearly. And from his expression he, too, is very proud pup.
Hi Lynn!
Happy New Year!!
Jack has just kicked off 2019 by earning his novice buried element basic scent title!! Just one more novice element title left (exterior) and he will have his scent work novice title (SWN).
I am also starting off 2019 with a bit of good fortune myself. I was approached by a local corgi breeder while at the show (she LOVED! Jack & came over to introduce herself). While chatting I was delighted to hear that she is also a tracking judge, with many tracking titles on her corgis. Jack & I will be soon learning how to track. Yay!!
Hope all is well with you and the gang out in CO. Please enjoy (& feel free to post) this photo of Jack correctly identifying the novice buried element. Good boy!!
Cindy & Jack
By Jax out of Haystack's Sadie Ladie
We spent our Christmas in Whitefish, MT, it was quite snowy and unusually cold. Geoff came with his puppy “Quinn”. Picture attached. He loved the snow, making tunnels, rolling in it and eating it. First, I wanted to tell you that I was so pleased with his conformation which is excellent, he is the best built Corgi I have seen. We love his coat color. He is clever, kind, athletic and playful, really the ideal dog. He visited the hospital 3 times as I was working night shifts there, he brought great joy to the staff. Nurses, respiratory therapist and even housekeepers were all delighted, my fellow physicians also were very taken with him. There was a young woman there who was very ill in the ICU, her husband asked if we could let her see Quinn from the door, which we did, it was the best medicine we gave all day.
Thank you so much for your careful and thoughtful breeding program and for giving us the opportunity to have such an extraordinary dog in our family!
By Jax out of Miss Gemma
Hi Lynn,
I bought a puppy from you about seven years ago. I keep meaning to send you some pictures, and I always forget! I named him Dexter, and he's the best dog ever. He's got his own fan club, and has traveled quite extensively around the country. I just adore him. Hopefully these pictures come through. He's a really beautiful dog. When I'm in the puppy market again, I'll be calling you!
Thanks for my best buddy,
Kris Nixon
By Josh out of Miss Bella
Hi Lynn, Just saying hello. I got Minnie my tri colored female from you three years ago. I just want to thank you again for such a wonderful dog. Minnie is amazing, smart, sweet and good looking. I constantly get compliments on her. You definitely have the best Corgi’s. We just wanted you to know how wonderful she is and what fun we have with her. She goes everywhere with me.
Blessings, Melinda
By Jax out of Pinewood A Little Jazzed Up
Hi Lynn,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Shooter is doing! I've attached a few photos as well. I can't believe he will be a year old next week! He is such a joy. He can be a stinker at times (like the other night, when he got out and led us on a wild chase around the neighborhood!), but he's ultimately such a sweet, smart boy. His favorite game is chasing the sprinkler out in our yard. He barks, and runs around, and is clearly in Corgi heaven! I think we've told you before, but one of the reasons we wanted a Corgi was because our friends the Millers have one, and he's great. Well, it turns out that their dog, Toby, is also a Haystack puppy, and is out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q! We get the two of them together to play from time to time. I attached a photo, with Toby on the left and Shooter on the right. Shooter started going to puppy class in May, and his behavior has been so good since then. He is so smart, and we are having a lot of fun coming up with new tricks to teach him! His favorite trick is climbing on top of a box to get his treat. He's been doing really well since we got our Berner, Ebby, from you this summer. They were exactly the same weight the day we brought her home! Even though she's grown a lot, Shooter still thinks he's bigger, and he's definitely the alpha dog. I love watching the two of them play together. I am so glad that they will get to grow up together and be best friends.
Thank you so much for both of our puppies. We've loved working with you, and we couldn't be happier!
Kaitlyn Sniffin
By Jax out of Miss Lucy Lou
Hi Lynn,
Sorry it's been so long but I wanted to give you an update on Cheddar. He's been such a good puppy and a great addition to our family! Everyone who meets him thinks he looks like a little teddy bear 🙂 He has been great with training and with our cat! We couldn't be happier with how our little baby turned out! We will definitely be coming back to you if we are looking for another Corgi puppy!
Thank you so much! Kind Regards,
Emma Wallander
Hi Lynn!
Just wanted to send you these photos 🙂 Cheddar had a great first birthday (with lots of gifts) and we love him so much!! We can't wait to get our next one from you!!
By Duke out of Miss Asha
Hey Lynn!!!
We haven't reached out in so long!! Charlie is about it 3 1/2 now. He's the love of my life and makes everything so much better.
He recently achieved some Instagram fame!!! He's almost at 300k views from a video of him and me at Cherry Creek Park. He's in the mud. Loves the mud. You'll have to check it out!!! He brings so much joy to the world and once again I can't thank you enough.
I hope all is well!!
By Jax out of Miss Peggy Sue
Well it's been a week (from 10-19-16) and we are loving our new puppy, Evie!! She is even sleeping through the night! Only two accidents indoors. We are diligent about crate training and learning so much! Her ears are both up! Yay! Thank you so much for breeding her. She's amazing.
Lisa Smith (And David, Gemma, Henry & Hayden)
By Duke out of Haystack's Sadie Ladie
Hi Lynn!!!
It's hard to believe these little guys are already 10 months old. I wanted you to see how beautiful they have become. Great puppies! We couldn't be happier with our Haystack Acres puppies. They are family and so funny.
Sherri Kunetka
Avery and Larry
By Jax out of Miss Peggy Sue
Hi Lynn,
I just wanted to send a current pic of Ben and Annabelle. They are wonderful! They are so smart with great personalities. They own our hearts and everyone else whenever they meet them.
Duke is their Dad. Annabelle is from Sadie, Ben is from Lacie. He was the little guy you put in with Sadie's litter. He was so much smaller than the other pups. Well, on their last vet check Annabelle weighed in at 10.5 lbs and Ben was 10.8! He is much bigger than her but she is faster. Ben is really laid back and likes to stop and smell the roses. Annabelle, well, I need to give that girl a job. She herds everything, her brother, my Kate (12 yr old Lab), the cats..... Would love to do agility with but need to find a trainer, for both of us. I've never done it but watch it whenever I can.
I have really fallen in love with Corgis and will enjoy having these two as my everywhere companions for many years. Thank you. So very happy to have your pups.
Lynn Elmore
Ben and Annabelle
By Duke out of Haystack's Sadie Ladie and Miss Lacie
Hi Lynn,
Henry is an amazing, joyful, intelligent, obedient and incredibly well adjusted puppy. I love him to the moon and back. Thank you so much!! You are and excellent breeder who has given my puppy an exceptional and correct start. Henry is the BEST puppy I’ve ever had. Thank you again.
Valerie Geist.
By Duke out of Haystack's Sadie Ladie
Hi Lynn,
I wanted to thank you again for our beautiful corgi and for welcoming us to your farm this past June. I’ve been telling all my friends that your farm is like a “fairytale” farm because it’s so picturesque and there are puppies everywhere! We are loving our newest family member, Waffles. She has been an amazing puppy, extremely playful and so full of love! We started obedience training last week and she is extremely bright and a quick learner. She has also been a source of entertainment for our other dog, Lulabelle, who before the arrival of Waffles, spent a good part of her day sleeping but now she is up and running around like a puppy again. Thank you so much and when we are ready for our next corgi, I will definitely be contacting you again.
Ruth Bergloff
By Jax out of Miss Sophie
We adopted our lovely girl, Piper, from Haystack Acres three years ago. She was born April 1, 2013. We sent you a one-year picture (located on the Pups to Adults page), and wanted you to see how cute she is at age three years. She is smart, playful, affectionate, and healthy. We ran into two of her Haystack Acres’ "cousin" Corgis recently in Grand Mesa. What fun they had! Thank you, again, for breeding such lovely, healthy, and loving Corgis.
Sincerely, Rhonda Dale Terry
By Teddy out of Miss Lucy Lou
Hello Lynn,
I am writing this email to thank you. I contacted you years ago about our corgi we purchased from you. I wanted to email you again and express the gratitude my family has for you and your generosity. Allow me explain:
Almost 15 years ago, I found an ad in the Denver Post Classified for Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and I contacted you to inquire. Because we were hoping for a family pet, I asked you if you had any puppies you were willing to let go for less than the cost of your beautiful show dogs. To our delight, you explained that you had a male that we could come and see. As a family who had only females (even to this day), we were hesitant to bring a male into our little “pack” because we had never trained one before. Nonetheless, we researched breeds that were good with children and had unmatched personality; we wanted a Corgi. My Father and I came to your farm in February with hopes of welcoming our new family member. You graciously welcomed us into your home and showed us the barn where the puppies played. I remember like it was yesterday, you lead us into the penned area where you had all the puppies. Once inside the white fence, you told us to wait while you let the puppies out of the barn. With a single flick of the lock, a pack of at least 12 of the cutest Pembrokes came barreling out of the barn. As each puppy jumped on both me and my father’s shoes, we became enamored with the little ones chewing on our laces. Just then, I noticed a small red and white puppy at the corner of the fence inquisitively watching his brothers and sisters roll around over one another but not daring to venture in himself. I turned to ask you about him, and you explained, “That is the little male puppy I told you about. We call him Snoopy.” Snoop (as we called him) was a reserved but loving pup who was such a cuddle bug that would cry anytime we would put him down after holding him and would only sleep at night if one of us was in the room with him or put him in the bed with us. From the moment we took him into our arms, he has provided us insurmountable joy and laughter. In his younger years, Snoopy was the alpha of our pack of girls and reveled in protecting the perimeter of our five-acre lot in Evergreen. He loved herding the elk, going hiking, playing with children, and to our surprise, being the center of attention.
Yesterday, our Snoop passed on. Our entire family, especially Boop (our 10 year-old female corgi), is heartbroken. Snoop was without a doubt the most beautiful, loving, and charismatic member of our family. As he aged, we took to calling him “Grandpa Snoop or Papa Snoop.” In fact, there were instances that we were worried neighbors would mistake us calling Snoop for our actual grandfather into the house. But even that little memory is quintessential to whom he was to our family. He was more than a dog or a companion. He truly was a member of our family. In grieving this loss, I wanted to reach out to you. I was not sure if you were still breeding or if your website was still active. I am glad to see that it is, and I hope this is still a good email for you. Thank you, Lynn. Thank you for giving me and my family many, many wonderful years of memories.
All the Best,
Erin Stutz and the Stutz Family
By Radar out of Miss Wilma Lou
Hi Lynn,
Tali is now just a wee bit over four months old and appears to have her adult coat. She’s gorgeous, smart, a complete joy and entertaining beyond words. What a personality!
I’m so happy that we found you and were moved up the selection list. Tali is perfect and we love her dearly. She’s in the 2nd month of training class (Blue Springs n’ Katydid) and has been designated the “class president” because of her gregarious personality. We live too far away to attend Vince’s classes, but I’m very happy with where we are. Our vet highly recommended them, based on feedback from her clients’ with show dogs, as did an acquaintance who raised Aussies and went through many of their classes.
Our girl has also developed a modified tri-coloration with a black mask, black mixed down the length of her back, and nearly solid black on her left shoulder along the white edge and on the stump of her tail. She keeps getting darker and her sable color is also a dark, rich color. I’m hoping she keeps this coloration and these markings as they are lovely and well balanced. Also, her pink nose spots are almost all filled in now just as you said they would.
Snow is Tali’s favorite as the attached photo taken on 1/10 shows. She seems impervious to the cold and snorkels through it no matter the temp. She’s been a great addition to our home; truly amazing character! The 2nd photo was taken on 12/13; she doesn’t sit that still now. Busy girl who likes to play with all of her many toys! She’s fit in well with the cat and our older dog, although she does push a few buttons as a playful puppy. Love, love, loves people!
Tali certainly reflects excellent breeding in every dimension. Her personality is amazing. Everyone loves her. You do a superb job of breeding very special Corgis!
Thanks for breeding such beautiful, intelligent and healthy Corgis! She’s my dream come true!
Best, Chris
By Jax out of Sweet Caroline
Hi Lynn!
Just wanted to update you on my Duchess! She's Asha's from 11/21/14, she is the best little dog ever! She looks so much like her mama! She's been a breeze to train, is extremely social (LOVES people of all ages), has a stubborn streak but I love her so much! She loves to greet everyone with kisses (a crazy amount of kisses)! Her newest nickname is Nosy Nancy because she's always concerning herself with everyone else. She's very energetic but not hyper. I'll definitely be getting her involved in agility. I can't wait! As of right now she weighs 20.4 lbs, she's a little small but perfect in my eyes! Thank you so much for being such a great breeder! I sing your praises to everyone who asks me where I got Duchess. She has a Facebook page if you're interested in keeping up with her. She can be found at "Duchess of Corgshire".
Thanks again! Stefani Huey
By Jax out of Miss Asha
Hey Lynn,
I just wanted to share some pictures of Maximus since we got him as a puppy and to say thanks for running such a great operation. Max is doing great. We have him in an intermediate training class already and he's learning fast. No health problems since we've had him. Potty training was quick, now he barks at the door if he's got to go. He's almost 6 months so he's getting a little more rowdy but we plan on getting him neutered soon so that should help. His markings are beautiful and we're so happy we got to keep his tail. He's the center of attention where ever he goes. We've referred quite a few people your way who've shown interest in the breed. Hope everything is going well in your world. Thanks again.
R/S Jake
By Jax out of Miss Asha
Hey Lynn!
Just wanted to give you a little update on Henry aka "the corgi with a tail". He is an absolutely wonderful, smart, and crazy little dog. He's so full of energy and really seems to live life to its fullest. He definitely fits that "big dog, small body" persona. He is always up for a game of tug-o-war, loves to cuddle, and is super, super friendly with everyone and dog he meets! He really has given us such a great experience as first time dog owners. We thank you for giving us such a fun and sweet dog. Hopefully sometime in the future, he will soon be joined with a little brother or sister!
Best Regards,
Connie and Shawn
By Jax out of Miss Peggy Sue
Hey Lynn,
Hope you are well. I wanted to send a couple of photos of Huck aka "Doodle dog" (our little man from Jax and Lola). He is such a handsome fella, and so very smart. He learns very quickly and has seamlessly become one of the clan. He is quite the snuggler, which I love. He loves to hop up and share my morning coffee time with me. Jack and Huck get along great, and often spend time jaw sparring and running amok in the yard. Their favorite time is at the dog park, where Jack runs like a bullet released from a gun, while Huck gets real low to the ground and tries to sneak up on Jack. It's hilarious.
Take care, Tate Ulrich
By Jax out of Pynewoode A Little Jazzed Up
Hi Lynn,
Our trip was good back to Montana. Teagan was real good, she didn't mind riding in the truck. She is so smart, we just love her! She had her fist visit with her vet today, rode in her kennel and slept all the way - 30 miles. She had a check up, one oral shot, her temperature was 100.9. We did a poop sample, she is very healthy and she will have her next shots the day after Christmas and the rest in January. They all loved her, they are so good at that office. Afterwards we took her to the pet store to get some toys and chews and a harness. Everyone came up to see her, even 3 children that had their own puppy. She was the hit of the pet store. There must have been 15 or 20 dogs in there. Thank you so much for her. Our big dog Onyell loves her and Teagan thinks she is her mother. They play and run all over the yard. She is already a watch dog, she barks when someone comes to the door.
Thank you again, we’ll keep in touch.
By Jax out of Sweet Caroline
Lynn, I just wanted to let you know that our sweet little girl Tasha entered her first IABCA shows last week end. She earned V-1 ratings in all four shows, earning the International title ComCH. Woo Hoo!! Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but she passed her CGC evaluation a few weeks ago. Int'l ComCH Haystack Acres Sage Treasure CGC aka Tasha. The photographer took a good picture of her but was sloppy with the title board. It should say Altered Reserve Best in Show, not Best in Show. Oh well, live and learn and invest in a good camera. I'm very proud of her. I wanted to be sure before posting anything. The point check just came in. My girl Tasha is officially a UKC ALCH. Woo Hoo!!! This is our first UKC title ever so that makes it even more exciting.
Thank you Lynn for allowing me to have such a wonderful dog.
Delania McNatt
Just wanted to let you know that Tasha took Altered Best In Show at one of the ICKC shows in Texas this summer, then again at one of the shows here in Oklahoma. She earned the AKC CGCA title earlier this year and the AKC Rally Novice title this past week end. Just for fun I've done a bit of trick training with her. We're up to the Intermediate level with DMWYD. Here's what Tasha has so far:
UKC - Champion (ALCH)
IABCA - International Companion Champion in Gold ( ComCH-G)
ICE - World Beauty Companion Champion in Bronze and Rallye Challenge Novice
ICKC - Intercontinental Champion
By Teddy out of Miss Lucy Lou
In 2012 when I was looking for a breeder who cared about conformation, health, and temperament, I knew I had found the right person with Lynn. Tasha, the puppy I purchased that year, was everything I had hoped for. So earlier this year when I decided to add another Pembroke to our home, Lynn was the person I automatically went to. Once again, I'm thrilled with the girl I chose from Haystack. Haystacks Make Way For Annie AKA Annie is beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. She immediately captured our hearts and continues to put a smile on everyone with her ease of training and desire to please. Thank you for allowing me to bring this wonderful girl into our family.
Delania McNatt
Annie pulled in one group four at the Texas ICKC shows and three group four placements at the Oklahoma shows this summer. She's earned two of the three legs needed for the AKC Rally Novice title. I'm fairly confident she can complete this. As with Tasha, we're doing the trick training. She too is at the Intermediate level.
I've attached one of Tasha's win pics. Unfortunately both of Annie's win pics were disappointing.
I'll send an updated photo of Annie when I get a good one.
Here's what Annie has:
UKC - Champion (CH)
IABCA - International Champion
ICE- International Champion and Rallye Challenge Novice
ICKC-- Intercontinental Champion
We'll be showing Annie at the AKC show in the Elk City, OK at the end of this month. Both Annie and Tasha are entered in the ICKC show in Carrollton, TX in early Sept. Hopefully I will some good news about both girls and a decent picture of Annie from at least one of those events.
Annie's Certifications
Hi Lynn,
Just wanted to let you know that Annie earned the fifth leg of her UKC
Grand Championship today. We’re at Gateway Nationals up in Missouri. So pending UKC confirmation she is a Grand Champion. Woo Hoo! UKC USA UFA Grand Champion Haystacks Make Way For Annie AKC Haystacks Make Way For Annie RN TKA
IABCA Honors Champion in Silver Haystacks Make Way For Annie
ICKC Intercontinental Hall Of Fame Haystacks Make Way For Annie
ICKC International Grand Champion Haystacks Make Way For Annie
USA and UFA are drag racing titles, RN is rally novice, TKA is trick dog advanced.
ICKC offers two types of titles. Intercontinental which is based on judges’ ratings and International which is based on dogs beaten.
By Jax out of Sweet Caroline
Hi Lynn,
Thought you would like to see how our little Qiobi is doing. She is an amazing little girl, with a personality far bigger than her 15 pounds of exhaustive energy. She is the sweetest little girl that lays her muzzle alongside you face and just snuggles. She loves her brothers and sisters…especially fellow puppy Anasazi (who is just now 15 weeks and about 45 pounds) and her big brother, and fellow Corgi, Winston. She and our kitty Jepsen are becoming buddies as well.
She is a joy and everyone who sees her is amazed by her. Our vet just lost one of her corgis (she had two) and adores Qiobi…won’t be surprised the day she asks for your number. I have a few pictures for you, including one with her first real snow. She found it absolutely wonderful…by the way. She is hard to take pictures of…she is non-stop!
Susan Hall
By Jax out of Sweet Caroline
Good Morning Lynn!
I just wanted to give you an update on Butters! He is happy and healthy, about 10 lbs now. He is turning into a great walking buddy and is fully potty trained at the house! He loves crawling all over everything he can and tends to hop onto our coffee table like a cat (ha-ha) but I couldn’t be happier! His best buddy is my friend’s lab. Butters follows him everywhere 🙂
Just wanted to let you know he is doing great!
Thanks again,
Shauna Heffernan
By Teddy out of Miss Lucy Lou
Roxy has been doing agility training since she was 9 months old. We train at Magic Dog Ranch in Kiowa, CO. After about a year, she totally understood the concepts, and knew what I was asking her to do, and went through a phase where she seemed to lose interest. I gave her a six month break, and when we jumped back in, she was READY. We started going to Fun Matches, where she was doing perfect runs consistently. We decided to enter some trials, and her very first one in spring of 2012 (an Australian Shepherd Club event) we won 3 blue ribbons!
After that I figured we would focus on AKC trials. We have entered several over the summer, making "Q's" (qualifying runs) in each, and more first place wins in the Novice 8" class. We will hopefully get our final two "Q's" this month and move into the Open class.
It's so much fun to see her "working" at these events. The true Corgi nature really comes out, showing the ability to focus and get something accomplished.
Obviously I could rant forever on my little girl 🙂 I'll keep you guys posted on her upcoming accomplishments. Thanks!
Nancy Wardell
This is a link to a Facebook video... Roxanne at ASCA Trial
We just made it through the AKC Excellent class, and have entered the Master class. We are now on the road to getting our PACH (Preferred Agility Championship); will probably take years, since I have a day job too. But we sure have enjoyed the process. Here is a YouTube link to our title run this past weekend.
Here’s a short update on Roxanne's progress towards achieving her PACH (Preferred Agility Championship) title. To get her PACH, we need: 20 double Q's, which means qualifying/perfect runs in Jumpers and Standard courses in the same day. We have been in 12 trials since June, and have 3 Double Qs. 750 points. Points = the difference between the time allowed and the time we run the course in seconds (and it has to be a qualifying/perfect run). We have 76 points. Might take years, but we won't give up!
What a fantastic weekend for Roxanne - 62 points (as in sixty two not a typo). One first place finish, three second place, and a third. Our PACH title is in sight; only 3 more double Qs and 136 points. Wow I never thought we would get this close!
By Josh out of Miss Bella
Hi Lynn – Wanted to share a recent photo of Jimbo with you… this was taken on Feb 2, just shy of 4 months old.
We named him Jimbo Jax Bychn Gwalldybryd (pronounced bi’kin guah-du-breed - little howler in Welsh!), but call him Jimbo. He was a real talker when he was a baby, and still is quite conversational. Roxanne (our five year old Corgi) is starting to mimic some of his sounds and the two of them really get going sometimes – it’s pretty funny! Our four year old Golden (Doug) just looks at them like they are nuts.
Jimbo did great with puppy kindergarten and starts basic obedience next month. Already starting to do some agility-related training and he is soooo clever it’s almost scary. Take care and BIG thanks to you and Debbie and everybody else at Haystack who helps out. Really happy to be your repeat customer and a big fan 🙂
Nancy Wardell
Jimbo got a first place qualifying run in Novice Jumpers today. Not so great in Standard, need to work on his contacts. But what a great start to his agility career!
By Jax out of Miss Peggy Sue
~05-25-15 Update~
Final outcome of last weekend: Jimbo two first place qualifying novice runs, jumpers on Saturday, standard on Saturday. Roxanne two Qs, one yesterday in standard (2nd place and 23 points) and one today in jumpers (3rd place and 14 points). Still need that final double Q for her PACH...
I just got my official results for Jimbo this past weekend; he actually Q'd his standard run on Saturday - I thought starting the dogwalk and then popping back off was an automatic NQ. Live and learn! So he was 3 out of 4 for the weekend - what a guy. One more Q in each, and he moves into the OPEN category.
STD-N-PRE - 8 Inch - Distance: 140 yards - SCT: 80 seconds
Score: 90(Q) - Time: 44.43 seconds (3rd place)
~ 6-7-15 Update ~
Final results for the weekend: Jimbo had a first place qualifying Novice Standard run Saturday, which earned his first agility title 🙂 He did well in his other 3 runs, but no Qs. Lots of lessons learned.
Roxanne finally got her 20th QQ and earned her Preferred Agility Champion (PACH) title yesterday. Included second and third place finishes. Today she had a first place Jumpers run (on a super hard course), and racked up 7 whole points toward her PACH 2, ha-ha. Not. So proud of both my poochies, they worked hard this weekend. 🙂
Roxanne's video here
Jimbo's video here
~ 10-4-15 Update ~
Jimbo and I had a great (and tiring!) day at the ASCA trial in Castle Rock. Three first place finishes, (which don't really "count" toward his AKC titles) but great practice and our first experience with Gamblers. And being the only 8" dog helps with placement, but he did have 3 near perfect runs, so we'll take those gimme ribbons!
Our results from this weekend: Roxanne QQd on Friday, fourth and fifth place, 21 points. She Qd the impossible Jumpers course today, first place and 5 points. Jimbo got his Open Standard Title, a QQ and two first place finishes. I'm especially proud of Roxanne after getting the only Qualifying run in all the 4, 8 and 12 inch dogs.
~ 10-23-15 Update ~
Jimbo got his Open Agility Preferred certificate in the mail today. Its official, he's running with the big dogs now! We will do his first run in Excellent at the end of November at SCAC trial at Latigo. Can't wait!
Jimbo has been through a lot the last year - he underwent CCL surgery in August 2017. Fully recovered, he is slowly getting back into agility events and having a great time. Attached photo of Jimbo with his first-place FAST ribbon from April 7, 2018. This was his first Qualifying run since December of 2016 - getting back on track!
Roxanne has accomplished quite a bit in the past 2 1/2 years since our last update: Qualified and participated in the AKC National Agility Championship in 2016 (Tulsa OK) and placed 10th in her group of 86 dogs. Haystack Associate Debbie Hollard accompanied us on the trip and helped keep us organized and on track throughout the 3-day event.
Achieved her 2nd PACH title in February 2017. Preferred Agility Champion consists of 20 Double Qualifiers (perfect runs in Jumpers and Standard courses, on the same day) and 750 speed points (different between time allowed and time used, in Qualifying (perfect!) runs only. Here's a video -
Qualified and participated in the AKC National Agility Championship in 2018 (Reno NV), placed 30th in her group of 46 dogs . I have attached two photos from the 2018 Nationals.
~4/11/19 Upate~
My happy girl Roxanne at the NAC in Tulsa.
She ended up 40-something cumulative (ranged from 19th place in Hybrid to an "E" in JWW)and had a fabulous time at her last big event. The "E" score means "elimination" because we missed a jump (!) And she also came in 8th place in the Premier Sweepstakes, which was pretty cool because we won a cash prize for that! It was only $16.00 but what the heck.
Hi Lynn,
It's Tracie, Gizmo's mom! Gizmo was from your March 28th litter from Jax! I just wanted to send you a note and picture to tell you how well Gizmo is doing! He is an amazing dog, he's 4.5 months now and so awesome! He's such a sweet boy, loves to cuddle and is a total sucker for a belly rub! He will just gaze up at me with those sweet eyes, roll over, and it’s belly rub time!!! I could not imagine my life without him and I wanted you to know how much joy he has brought into my husband's and mine's life! That is Tucker, his brother, in the picture. We adopted a golden puppy with Gizmo so they could grow up together. They are BEST of friends and can't stand to be apart for longer than 2 seconds! Gizmo LOVES walking and playing, his favorite toy is a squeeze ball, we can play chase with a ball for hours, he just loves it. We are going to try swimming this weekend at our first swimming class, see if he likes that! He is just the sweetest and happy puppy!! Thank you again for everything and for breeding these amazing dogs!
Take care, Tracie Major
By Jax out of Sweet Caroline
Hi Lynn,
I hope everything is well at Haystack Acres. I wanted to give you an update on Gretchen! We just got back from a weekend in Laramie, WY at my aunt’s house and I got some great pictures of her. She is doing great with obedience training! She listens very well and is eager to please and receive praise. I have just started training her with the goats and you can already tell she is very smart. She is quickly working her way into hearts of friends and family.
I also want to thank you for getting me started on the Flint Rivers Ranch dog food line. Since Gretchen has joined the household I have gotten Phoebe my Chihuahua on it as well and I love the results. It's always fresh great quality food and taking a look at the nutritional value and ingredient list I have been sold.
Again thank you for the opportunity to own an amazing dog, and I hope you guys are doing great!
Thanks Lynn, Ryan Throckmorton
By Jax out of Miss Bella Yolanda
Hi Lynn –
Four weeks ago we drove 700 miles (one way) to pick up our puppy, PJ, from Haystack Acres, and I wanted to let you know that he is doing great! Part of me thought I was crazy for going so far to get a puppy, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. PJ is the fourth Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy we have brought into our home in the past 23 years, and I have to say that he has been the easiest puppy to train and has adapted to his new surroundings more quickly than any of the other three. He has such a wonderful personality and temperament. He is easy going and fairly mellow for a puppy. Other than the first three nights, or so, he has slept through the night in his kennel. He is very good about going in his kennel, and does not even bark when we put him in it. He is actually a pretty quiet dog. We have a doggie door in our kitchen that goes out into the backyard, and he learned to use it within the first 24 hours of being in our home. We have had very few accidents in the house. We do have a 7 year old dog, and I think that has helped with the potty training, but we have had older dogs before when we’ve brought a new puppy home, and they have not trained as easily as PJ. He is very friendly and loves everybody he meets. He is also good with other dogs. I especially like that he likes to be held, sit in my lap, and be petted. He is very affectionate and likes attention, but he is able to play by himself and keep himself entertained. He is not a fearful dog, and likes to explore our backyard (which is fenced in). He has been very good on a leash when we have taken walks and he is very smart, so I think he will do very well in obedience classes.I honestly cannot get over what a good puppy he is! My husband and I both agree that he is remarkable and we are so glad that we found such a good breeder. Thank you so much for breeding such a quality puppy for our family! We hope to get another one from you in the future!
Tammy, Ken and PJ
Brookings, SD
By Jax out of Miss Juliet
Hi Lynn,
I wanted to send a few photos to you! Jessie Jane is the daughter of Jax & Cowgirl, and we love her so much!! She is super athletic & very high energy, and extremely smart. We are about to take the Canine good citizen class (she's been in every obedience class there is)! She had a little limp (from jumping off stairs!), and I took her to an orthopedic surgeon and he said she had the straightest legs he'd ever seen on a Corgi! She didn't have anything wrong--muscle pull.
Thank you for letting us have one of your beautiful Corgis :-)!
Kim Cole
Jessie Jane
By Jax out of Cowgirl Katie
Good morning. I wanted to share with you a picture of our Corgi princess we adopted from you last year. She was Lucy's pup born on April 1, and we adopted her in May. She is smart, beautiful, and well loved. Her name is Piper. Thanks. Rhonda Dale Terry
By Teddy out of Miss Lucy Lou
Hi Lynn,
I apologize for being so long between updates on Miss Agnus. She is an absolute joy. With the help of big-dog sister Izzy, she was completely house broken by the end of July, and has successfully complete puppy school and basic obedience 1. In the past month or so she’s become much more of a “people dog” than she ever was this summer, wanting to be a constant companion everywhere I go. She’s faithfully sat with me through my entire thesis writing process, so I owe her some acknowledgments 🙂
Her favorite pastime is chasing the geese out of the park across the street and playing tug. I’d like to get her started in agility training the spring (given how quick she responds to training and her athleticism, I think she’d be great at it).
She became an Internet star this week, and there are tons of pictures here:
Please feel free to use any you’d like. We absolutely adore her.
By Teddy out of Miss Lucy Lou
Hi Lynn,
Hope life is treating you well! I wanted to give you an update on Gumbeaux! He’s 10 months old now and an absolute blast. I can't image life without him. He's a riot and we love him to death. Here's some pics of the more recent him. We're hoping to make a trip up to you at some time! Again, hope everything is well!
Kelsey and Gumbeaux
By Jax out of Miss Sophie
~Update 12-8-15~
Hi Lynn,
Hope this email finds you and the rest of the corgis well : ) I wanted to give you a little update on Gumbeaux and ask for some help! Gumbeaux, Jax and Sophie's pup, is turning 3 next week and doing wonderfully! He's a ball of energy and his favorites things include attacking the swiffer, rolling in the snow and eating carrots. He's also been upgraded to play with the big dogs at his doggy daycare and couldn't be more excited. He's also in the running to become his daycare's 2016 class president! He's the only corgi in the running and he's in second place out of over a hundred nominees! If he wins, we get free daycare for a whole year. Needless to say, we really want to win : )
I was wondering if you wouldn't mind liking his photo on Facebook and also maybe sharing it with your network of fellow corgi lovers? We're looking for all the help we can get. You can like his photo and share it at this link: Facebook Link Thanks so much and talk soon!!
Kelsey, Kyle and Gumbeaux
Millie is doing well. Her favorite toy is a 35" caterpillar from Amazon. She's been in training class for a few weeks, as well as socialization class. She loves to sit in your lap. She will climb in if you're on the floor. She is a very confident and spunky dog, who LOVES the snow.
I thought I would send you an update on Millie. She has been through obedience levels 1 and 2. She goes swimming weekly at an indoor dog pool in Broomfield (CRCG). She's just about 20 lbs now. She was spayed 3/28 and recovered quickly. She's a beautiful Corgi and such a joy.
Amabel and Mille
By Teddy out of Miss Whitney
Hi Lynn,
Cassie received high praise from our vet at her 12 week check up. Our vet said that she had seen another Haystack Corgi puppy (male) from an April 10th litter. She was really impressed with the quality and temperament of both puppies. People say to us that Cassie doesn't have a typical 'Corgi temperament' since she's so friendly and not yappy. Some of these people are Corgi owners. I think her temperament can be attributed to her breeding and the great early socialization that she received at Haystack Acres. We were joking that we should have named her "Cutie Pie", "I want one!" or "I could just take her home" because that's what most people say when they meet her.
Below are some more recent pictures of Cassie. She's lost her puppy face. Her coloration is really gorgeous - her ears and ends of her neck ruff are sable-tipped. The photos don't really do her justice. She completed her Level 1 training class last week with Gigi Moss. We have to be careful with our training as Cassie catches on quickly and sometimes figures out how to game the system. While working on "Leave it", Cassie trained me to give her a treat for biting my toes. (Cassie would bite my toes, I would say "Leave it", she would stop and I would give her a treat. I figured out what Cassie was doing after she bit my toes and then immediately sat up and looked expectantly at me for her treat.) Gigi thinks that Cassie would be an excellent candidate for agility training.
Hope all is well,
By Jax out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time
Hi Lynn,
Today is Kaily's birthday. Can't believe she's already a year, time goes by so fast! We are going to agility classes once a week and she loves it. Kaily loves being outside, going to the dog park or on hikes with us. She also LOVES the water!! Now that she is a year I will start looking into service dog training, I would love for her to become a service dog. I'm so thankful to have Kaily apart of our family! We all love her so much!
Hope all is well with you!
Miley and Kaily
By LS Neildiamond out of Miss Bella
Etta is simply amazing. Her personality mends beautifully as part of our family. We have a soon to be 3 year old who adores animals and these two are inseparable. Etta is loving, patient, and gentle with him. Her disposition to the way she communicates are all praise worthy. She can stop mobs of people with her looks alone, loves to make new friends (dogs and people alike), and saying she is social might be an understatement. We couldn't be happier with Etta or more impressed with Lynn. Strong genealogy, a loving environment, and attention to diet and health of all animals is what led us to Haystack Acres, and after the initial visit we were sold. Thank you for everything Lynn, you've brought joy to another home.
Sean Capek
By LS Neildiamond out of Miss Juliet
Hi Lynn,
Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how Rudy is doing. I have attached a recent picture of him--what an incredibly gorgeous creature he is! He has fit into our life beautifully; we take him with us as often as possible and all who meet him are spellbound by his fluffy adorableness and amazing personality. I am glad I already had him chipped!
Thank you for all of the care and effort you put into your animals. It is very evident in Rudy!
Take care,
Alta Herndon
By Jax out of Miss Sophie
Hey Lynn,
I just wanted to give you an update on Delia. She's almost 9 months old and a complete riot. She loves to pose for pictures and she is so smart that she keeps me on my toes! She and I recently moved into a townhouse and she has adapted great. Working nights I was worried, but like you told me when I was thinking about getting a Corgi, she is very adaptable. If it's time to sleep, she lays down to sleep but is always ready for the dog park. She's very curious and loves herding people and dogs alike when we are out. Delia is great under voice control and I trust her (almost) completely off-leash. She learned basic obedience very quickly I'm thinking of working with her for the Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog certifications. I LOVE the black lining she has around her ears and eyes, gives her such detail. Thanks for the great work you do with your dogs!
Heather and Delia
By LS Neildiamond out of Miss Bella
Hi, Lynn!
I got Heidi from you several years ago. We adore her! Well, a friend and I were goofing around & somehow it came about that our dogs were dating... (don't ask...). Anyway, I snapped this photo (with my phone in ONE SHOT, no photoshopping or touch ups of any kind) of Heidi asking Doc to join her for pizza... Hope it makes you laugh!
Karen Mason
By Radar out of Miss Lucy
Hello Lynn!
Well, it has been just over a month since Scout got to his new home, and we are having a blast! Scout is the cutest, smartest, and best thing we have ever done (besides those human kids we had before him!!) He has fit in great with the family and has done a great job with potty and crate training. He has learned how to sit, and we are having a fun time trying to teach him how to give us his paw. The people at his new vet ADORE him and everyone in the neighborhood has asked what kind of dog he is. There are no Corgi's around here, so he is quite a hit! I have attached a few recent pics so you can see how beautiful he is!
Thank you again. We are so happy he is here!
The Militello Family
Land O Lakes, FL
By LS Neildiamond out of Miss Peggy Sue
Hi Lynn,
I just wanted to share some pictures of Lucy with you. She is 9 months old and absolutely a joy to have!! She is currently in trick class, loves to swim, and the smartest dog we ever had! She turns heads where ever she goes. I can go on for hours but she truly brings so much love and laughter to our home plus gives our dachshund Peanut plenty of needed exercise!
Thanks again
Tina and Jim Guidry
Lafayette LA
By Josh out of Miss Precious Patsy
Hey Lynn!
I saw that Cowgirl just had or is having a litter this month and was wondering if they're all spoken for? We adopted our little Dizzy from your last Suzy Q and Tank litter about a year and a half ago. I can't even describe the amount of love and joy she has brought us! We nicknamed her Dizzy one with spirit because her personality is as big as the sky. She continues to stop people in their tracks...."What kind of dog is that? She’s the prettiest Corgi we've ever seen."
Thank you for our lovely addition to our family we can't wait for our next bundle of joy!
Take care,
Natalie (Johnson) Bianchi
By Tank out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Hi, Lynn –
Today is our Gracie’s 2nd birthday! Time has flown - it’s been forever that I’ve been meaning to send you an update about her. She was born 3/27/10, we brought her home from Haystack I think the last week in May when she was 9 weeks...we were in love with her immediately, but of course in the last two years, words can’t express how much our love for her grows each day. Such a smiley, affectionate, happy dog! She was a bit stubborn at first with housebreaking, and then just didn’t want to sleep much. Always up by 4:30-5:00am – we thought she’d never have a regular schedule! But suddenly at around 8-9 months, that all changed (almost overnight) and she realized sleeping is a good thing!
We had no idea when we got her, how much her color would change over the first year. We absolutely love how it turned out. When I look at your website, I can’t get over how much she looks like one of her littermates (Timber) – and Ozzy from a previous litter. And of course, like Jazzy and Tank – you can definitely see the resemblance. Gracie has a beautiful soft wave down her back, and her little stub tail is perfectly outlined with a dark triangle, and some dark highlights around her face and neck. Of course we think she’s the prettiest Corgi we’ve ever seen. We have attended a number of the Littleton Corgi Club “meet-ups” and it’s so fun to run into other “Haystack” Corgi’s there, some from Tank & Jazz litters as well – they all look so much alike. Gracie is a bit smaller – she’s around 27 pounds and I doubt she’ll get much bigger.
Gracie’s been a joy to train – so smart and learns everything quickly. She and Finnegan (our 7 year old lab/SharPei mix) have become the BEST of friends. They are joined at the hip, and do everything together. Gracie is so protective of him. We go to dog parks with the two of them a lot, and when other dogs come over to say hi to Finn, she tries to butt in and shoo them off. But she loves other dogs and people, and is very sociable. Everyone adores her, and always asks where we got her. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve recommended to you if they’re interested in a Corgi! I check your website often to see what new litters you of these days, perhaps next year, we might want to add another to our family – so we’ll definitely be in touch. Mick and I are empty-nesters now – so our pups are just spoiled rotten. One of these days, we’ll come by Haystack with Gracie for a visit (always fun for us to see puppies). Then you can see for yourself what a wonderful, happy, sweetie-pie she is. Just the light of our lives!
Here’s a link to a video from one of our many dog park visits last summer (there’s a number of videos of Gracie & Finn on YouTube, just search for my account “jlgwin”).
Jayme Gwin
By Tank out of All That Jazz
Greetings Lynn,
I am not sure if you remember me or not but my husband Mike and I purchased a corgi puppy from you about a year ago. I wanted to send you a quick email update on Lily. She has brought so much joy to our lives. Her favorite hobbies are chasing our Siamese cat Sasha (Sasha loves to be chased) and hiking with her mom and dad. I can't thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful dog. She is a true blessing.
Thanks again,
Lindsay, Mike, Sasha and Lily Lemon
Lily Lemon
By Teddy out of All That Jazz
Hi Lynn
We thought you might like an update on Brody. He's now 8+ months old. We took him on a snowshoeing hike last week and he blazed the trail through two foot deep powder snow. We're sure enjoying him. He gets along great with our Schnauzer, Greta and cat, Sophie. Cathy took the attached cute picture of him.
Mike & Cathy Schermer
~ Update 03-03-13 ~
Hi Lynn... Our pup, Brody, just loves the snow. We take him on all our snow shoe walks. He does great, even in pretty deep snow. Here he is half way through our morning walk.
By Teddy, out of Miss Pretty Poppy
Hi Lynn and Debbie
I hope all is well with you and yours. Just wanted to let you know, that everyone who sees Lily falls in love with her. Lily is such a happy, quiet, little girl and is equally up for a good game of tug-a-war, go fetch but keep away, go chase a cat or birds, or just sleeping by the family. We have never seen a more well behaved Corgi and couldn't be happier with her. Although at times she is a little mischievous and knows it when she is, which is so cute when she plays, "make me do it"! Although we live in KS, we have highly recommended your ranch to all who express an interest in where we got Lily and sometimes even to those who don't ask.
Keep in touch.
HUGS, Elaine Peters
By Teddy out of Miss Whitney
Dear Lynn,
I had no inkling what joy a Corgi would bring to our lives! Allegretta is an absolutely wonderful dog, the best family dog I have ever known. She's smart and independent, feisty, gallant and loving, really a remarkable personality. We all love her! As her color changes and she takes on a gorgeous deep red-gold and cream coloring, the sabling on her shoulders and hindquarters adds to her great beauty — this is lovely to see. She likes to be part of everything the family does, but she's playful and creative on her own as well, sometimes with very funny results (like when she carefully piles up laundry to hide her favorite toy). She's wonderful with people of all ages, other dogs, even other pets (our guinea pig thinks she's the bee's knees). She's quick to learn, and even though she has a mind of her own she is eager to please and very obedient. I can't believe how athletic she is — it is a delight to see with what joy and ease she uses her body. I cannot imagine a better dog for our family. Many thanks for breeding such an extraordinary creature and providing her with the early care that allowed her remarkable personality to shine!
All the very best wishes,
Allegretta (Gretta)
~ Update 10-25-12 ~
I sent one of these already but couldn't resist sending these with today's snow. The object of the ferocious attack is a plastic juice pitcher. I love this dog! We all do. She is just the best.
All the very best wishes to you and thank you ever so much for wonderful Gretta!
By Josh out of Miss Peggy Sue
By Josh out of Miss Peggy Sue
Hi Lynn,
Greetings from Germany! I hope you are doing well. I don't know if you remember us, but my fiancée, Shazzarah, and I added Oakley, our tri-color male Corgi, to our family last December from Haystack Acres. We are the couple that was moving to Germany in the Spring. I just wanted to send a short message letting you know that we couldn't be happier with our Corgi. Oakley has been a great companion for us, especially for Shazzarah, as she's needed a partner in exploring the city while I've been working.
We've spent a lot of time walking Oakley around the wonderful parks and sites in Dusseldorf. We have only seen one other Corgi in our 6 months in Germany. People are always very intrigued by Oakley, asking what type of dog he is and are amused by his constant energy.
We'll be back in Colorado in the next few weeks for our wedding. (where Oakley will be the ring-bearer) Oakley is quite a character and loves to travel. (Oakley is accumulating quite a few frequent flier miles!) Adding him to the family was definitely one of the best decisions Shazzarah and I have made.
Best regards,
Cameron Moyer
By Josh out of Miss Patsy
Hi Lynn,
Frankie is the happiest and smartest dog I have ever had, she even won the heart of my husband the minute he saw her. We've had no trouble with her, other than the fact she can tear apart a stuffed toy in about five minutes and if the plastic is too thin on an all plastic one, it's also ripped apart in just a few minutes. All we could figure out was that it was a challenge to her, obviously we have learned what toys not to buy (the picture with the black ring on her face, is one she can't chew up). She loves to play keep away and fetch and even knows which toy is which. All we have to do is tell her to go get her piggy and she brings the piggy.
We put in a doggie door for her; she learned how to use it in just a few practices with treats, so she no longer has to sleep in her "house" (crate). She knows what it means when we tell her it's time to get in your house. She loves to jump in the swing in the backyard and just swing back and forth. We haven't managed to get her swimming yet, she loves baths and she will get on the top step when we are in the pool, otherwise she wants nothing to do with the pool. She loves to travel and is great in the car or truck. We take her with her when we go on a trip, this girl will never be boarded. No matter where we go people just love her and she loves people.
Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful and happy Corgis.
Cheri Caldwell
By Josh out of Miss Peggy Sue
~ Update ~
Frankie is five! Had to send you a picture of Frankie at Christmas....we were surprised she wore the jingle collar. She has been the greatest addition to our life and can never thank you enough for bringing us together. She is such a beautiful, smart, and was so easy to train. The five years have just flown by.
God Bless you and your family in all your endeavors.
Tony, Cheri, and Frankie Caldwell
By Tank out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Hi Lynn!
We love our little Corgi so much, she has been an absolute delight! She is a Corgi by all definitions, which is great at some times and frustrating at others, but that is what makes her so much fun. She is always the star of the show and I have had a lot of people come up and ask where we got her and I always highly recommend you. A couple of people have even told me they ran across your website so it was great to be able to show off one of your dogs and show them what a delight she is. We were wondering if you were still doing Corgi camps and how much they were. We are looking at on going on vacation towards the end of July and figured that she would love to go play with some more dogs her size. Currently her best friends are Labs and Bernese Mountain dogs. We can’t wait till she gets a little older and we get a little more space so we can get another. Hope all is well and if you ever need a recommendation or somebody want to see one of your dogs in the Arvada area please let us know.
Scott Finn
By Josh out of Miss Patsy
Happy belated birthday to all Luna’s siblings! She just had a wonderful first birthday and thanks to all at Haystack Acres! She is sweet and wonderful, loves to sit in laps, gives kisses freely, and does great Corgi Therapy for our son, Chris, who gets blue sometimes. He’s 12. We also adopted a “range corgi” Cuddles from a semi-pro breeder in Eastern New Mexico, and they’re as different as night and day. We love them both, but he’s a corgi, and she’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, thank you very much. She comes running when the camera’s out. She’s royalty, he’s, well – he’s sort of like Dick van Dyke as a chimney-sweep in the old Disney movies.
Steve Vaughn
By Josh out of Miss Whitney
Hi Lynn,
Today is Bailey's first birthday, and we wanted to thank you for giving such a wonderful puppy to us. He has been a pure joy and is the love of our lives. We've attached some pictures of Bailey so you can see what a handsome dog he's grown into (he's one of the cutest dogs in the neighborhood!).
Best Regards,
Rob and Kumi
By Tank out of Miss Precious Penny
Hiya Lynn!
He is incredible. He already knows how to work the Medic Alert box; he was 85% housetrained in three days, and 99% in three weeks; he walks everywhere with me without needing a leash (I have one on him, but he never strays more than 5 feet away from me); he lies quietly beneath my chair at endless doctor appointments, visits to the post office, and trips to the pharmacy; he loves friends and strangers alike--whether they be adults, children, horses, cats, or dogs--and has a curiosity and bravery that belies his young age. Everyone who meets him is utterly charmed--they can't get over his excellent behavior, his beautiful color, his adorable manner, and his fine confirmation. I have given your website address out more times than I can count. It's looking like you better get some litters in the pipeline--there's gonna be a run on Corgis soon!
Lotsa love,
Aimee Bingler and Joey Jr.!!
By Josh out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time "Tammi"
Hi Lynn;
We are so happy with our little Timber. He is growing fast. Soon he will have his vest that says Therapy Dog in Training for the days that he goes to the office. We look forward to you coming to fish with your family.
We've had quite a 24 hours up here with the worry about the fire and whether we would have to evacuate up here. So far we are out of the evacuation zone. Are you getting a lot of smoke where you are and how are your animals doing? We had an amazing experience with Timber. Damaris went for a walk with Timber to her brother's house on the ranch. His house is about a mile away down in a valley. Damaris went inside for a few minutes, Timber was outside with the other dogs. Suddenly a 65mph gust of wind came up which must have unnerved him, as it unnerved me when I was outside. When Damaris came out Timber was gone and had come home on his own. He not only found his way home within a few minutes but had to go across several planks, across mud holes and streams, thru the trees and willows, up a trail that is on a steep slope behind our house, coming straight home. You were right! He is a bold little guy and is a perfect ranch dog who has to deal with all sorts of crazy things up here. He goes by the cows and is very calm and does not chase them. He announces with a bark when someone comes to the house and is a good watch dog.
We couldn't be more pleased with our choice.
Hope all is well for you and your family.
Steve and Damaris Methner
By Tank out of All That Jazz
Hi Lynn,
We named him The Blizzard of Oz...everyone calls him Ozzy. He's a wonderful addition to the family, very happy and full of LOTS of energy! At just about 5 months old he's grown by leaps and bounds; actually faster than I had hoped but I guess that's true of all babies. He's now just about 25 lbs, he's into everything and very playful. Take care and again thank you for such a wonderful lil' guy.
I just wanted to share this photo of Ozzy (Tank/Jazzy 03/31/2009); he’s a healthy, happy and very spoiled Pup!
Christine Pearson-Arrieta
By Tank out of All That Jazz
Hi Lynn,
Here are some recent pictures of Bax and new you can see -
He is harnessed in - he loves to go on any rides - not to mention he is the camp star when we are out with friends!
Just a quick note to say Hi and let you know all is well in The Wekell Household.
Bax and Bailey are getting on just as one would expect. Cuddling one moment, barking, chasing and growling the next. They take turns herding each other - I can only imagine how it will be in the next couple of months as Bailey gets bigger. I caught a few shots that I thought I would send on. Bailey is a doll - doing well on housetraining - running the house as you might expect. As you can see - Bax is coming into his own - looking a lot like his dad. He actually posed for a few shots this morning when we were out in the back pasture. They were watching our neighbors horses - wanting to go play.
Thanks again for raising such nice dogs. We really enjoy them.
Pete and Darcy Wekell
Baxter / Bailey
Hi Lynn
It's been a while since we checked in with you to say hi and update you on Baxter and Bailey. Pete and I are traveling with "the kids" and as usual, they are getting a lot of attention. We are sharing your information and hopefully you will receive some new inquiries. A lovely couple from Cour de' Alene are very interested in a corgi. They currently have a Senior Aussie.
Baxter is now 11 and Bailey is 9. Both continue to be joyful and in good health. Baxter is starting to slow down (a little). He will always rise to the occasion to go play ball. But he tires before Bailey and if he plays too hard, he's sore the next day. We continue to try to help him lose a little weight, he plumped up when he was neutered. He's still camera shy, but handsome as ever.
Bailey continues to be the most amazing dog we have every owned. Smart, bossy, athletic, totally on duty, with No signs of slowing down. She swims like a Labrador, is protective like a Shepard, sweet and cuddly like a lap dog and runs the house. She always knows what's going on. I swear she is half human.
I hope things are good with you and your family. I cried when I read about SuzyQ...if you recall, our first corgi Barkley was one of her pups with Elvis. Thank you again for your diligence in breeding such wonderful corgi's. They definitely have enriched our lives. A few pics attached.
Baxter- By Tank out of All That Jazz / Bailey - By Josh out of Miss Bella
Hi Lynn
I cannot believe my Haystack Acres puppy-now named Posey has been with me a year now. She is the most wonderful dog! Many thanks for breeding the best PWC’s out there.
I’ve attached a couple photos of Posey-she is athletic, smart and very affectionate-we are in LOVE!
Kris Terrell
By Josh out of Miss Cowgirl Katie

Posey recently received her PWCCA Herding Instinct Certificate!

Hi Lynn,
Well today is Maggie's 1st birthday. I can't express how happy I am with her. She is everything I wanted and more. She is so loving and has the attitude that she is willing to learn. She may do something wrong but is very quick to figure out what she did wrong and fix it. Her favorite thing to do is chase a ball around the house with a bone in her mouth. It is hilarious to watch. She also loves to cuddle not only with me but also our older dog. We are now starting to get her use to the horses and cattle and watching the herding instinct coming out. I am excited to see how she does with a little more training and age. Maggie loves to walk herself when we go out for our daily walks, which in fact I don't think we have gone on one walk where I haven't gotten compliments on how cute of a dog she is. I could have not asked for a better dog and hopefully one day can add another Haystack Acres puppy to the family:)
Jessica Stiles
By Josh out of Miss Dolly
The two amazing Corgis I got from you last June are about to turn one. I have attached a picture of their first Easter! You will probably remember me because I took a male long hair and the beautiful blind short hair female. I am so happy to inform you that they are the most amazing animals and my little blind baby is truly an angel in my life! She is doing wonderful and we honestly don't have to do anything different for her! She runs up and down the stairs, in and out the dog door, goes on long walks and hikes, chases the cats... she is so brilliant and beautiful. They have enriched my husbands and my lives. They are happy and healthy beautiful corgis! Sincerely,
Nicole Sandoval
Longmont, CO
Cheza and Jonas
By Josh - Cheza out of Miss Cowgirl; Jonas out of Miss Dolly
Dear Lynn,
I have attached a photo of our Oscar, who is now just five months old. I think you'll agree that he's a handsome little devil. More importantly, he's an incredibly sweet-tempered dog, and we couldn't be happier with him. He gets along really well with our twelve-year-old shepherd mix (and vice versa); he's well-behaved in the house; and he makes friends wherever he goes. I thought you might like to have some news of him, and to know that he's doing well.
Best regards,
Warren Motte
By Tank out of Miss Precious Penny
Hi Lynn,
Just thought you'd like to see her. She was in the local high school play "A Midsummer's Night Dream" She had the role of "Lantern's Dog" What a riot!!! She did such a great job! She went to rehearsals every day after school. She was on campus for the school play (2 shows with audiences of 500 students) and then had 2 nights of the show. What a great dog you sold us! She has some training in obedience, agility, and conformation. It made the perfect combination for learning her marks on the stage.
She did love to be the center of attention up on that stage. It was a portable stage and she didn't like the vibrations so much. It's good that PWCs are so highly trainable. She was quite the diva once she got used to that. She had a sold out audience both nights and handled it like a pro. She'll be 3 years old this summer and definitely rules over the 3 males in the house. This year's play doesn't have a role for a dog, unfortunately.
Tank's Precious Galadriel - "Gladdy"
By Tank out of Miss Precious Penny
Hi Lynn,
Hope you are well. Suki is a total love and is enjoying the snow. She is such a smart puppy and is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks!
Here she is at 12 weeks!
Hi Lynn,
Hope you are well. I have referred several people to you and get stopped everywhere I go with Suki. A lady actually chased me down the other day just to come over and pet her! She loves people so much and is excited to meet everyone. Her face has really changed and we are getting ready for the big spay, which I'm nervous about, but I'm sure will be no biggie. Anyway, just thought I'd keep you posted on her.
By Josh out of Singing In The Rain "Punkin"
Hi Lynn,
It has been awhile since we sent you pictures of our big guy. My dad wanted him to have a unique name... so he named him Bud-E instead of Buddy 🙂 Pretty unique huh, ha ha. He has been a great addition to the Schler Family and I wanted to thank you again for giving us such a great dog! He definitely has a lot of his dad "Tank" in him! He is a stout little guy. He is awesome with my 4 yr old nephew and 6 month old niece.
Nathan Schler
Grand Junction, CO
By Tank out of Miss Cowgirl Katie
Hi Lynn,
I'm not sure if you remember us, but we are the very proud parents of Kona. I can't tell you the number of times we are stopped with Kona by people telling us not only how beautiful she is, but also how well mannered and what a great disposition she has. Well, we are thinking that it is a good time to get her a little sister. We are specifically interested in another puppy from Suzy Q and Tank. I noticed that you will be breeding Suzy Q later this year and are wondering who the Sire will be. Thank you for breeding such AMAZING Corgi's. We are looking forward to adding another amazing little girl to our lives.
Sharon & Joe.
By Tank out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Hello Lynn,
We've had Brody for a few weeks now so here's an update on our handsome little boy! Brody settled in almost immediately and only cried the first 2 nights away from his siblings. He loves his "Kitty", who happens to be our 2 year old cat named Jaspurr. They quickly discovered the game of wrestling and it's hard to keep them apart. Brody has excellent manners already! He is working hard at learning commands; he has "no" and "sit" down perfectly and is quickly figuring out what "come" means. He also loves to chase his wide variety of toys and is always content to lie down and chew a bone. Potty training was a breeze and he's almost 100% there! He surprised us all a couple of weeks ago when he went to the back door for the first time and asked to go outside! We thank you so much for our "pick of the litter", and all of your help and patience with our questions and visits. We will without a doubt return to Haystack Acres for our next Corgi!
John & Britta
Erie, Colorado
By Tank out of Miss Whitney
Hi Lynn!
Just popping in to let you know Marty is doing great. He is a doll with so much personality! He has gone today to get his 10 week shots and he and Dave should be back soon from that. Dave called a few minutes ago and said the vet was giving him the work-over but also said Marty is very healthy and beautiful!Attached is a picture I took of him Thursday. He is doing wonderful with house training! We are so proud of him! He is also doing well with kennel training and with our cat. She is still skeptical of him but also very curious of him at the same time!We already have people asking us where we got him from and wanting a corgi after meeting him. We tell them if they are seriously interested there is no other place but Haystack Acres to get a corgi! We will also be bringing him there for Corgi Camp when we have to go out of town. We wouldn't trust him to anyone else!
We will keep in touch to let you know how Marty is doing. Thank you so much for a wonderful addition to our family! We love him to pieces!
Wanda, Dave, and Marty
Aurora, Colorado
Hi Lynn,
Just wanted to pop in and send you a few new pictures of Marty by Josh out of Tammi. Marty is doing great and is the best dog I have ever owned! He's so lovable and playful. We get so many compliments on how beautiful he is and many offers to take him off our hands, which will never happen! Thank you so much for such a wonderful pet and addition to our family!
Wanda McFal
By Josh out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time "Tammi"
Hi all,
Nellie just turned ONE! Miss Nellie-Belly otherwise known as Nellie-Bellicosa. It's hard to believe that Nellie has been with us for nine months. Nellie entered our house with two older Corgis Sophie and Ralphy. It took us WEEKS to name her. Her personality was all over the place, all five pounds of it. Nellie really has her dad's markings. We never let our older corgis on the furniture, etc. but this girl rules, runs and does the rounds on the sofa as she encourages her elders to give chase and play with her. She will be the alpha of the pack and already supervises supper time. She loves the snow like a lunatic and rules her little acre. She is truly brave and crazy and a lovey lovey girl. What great personality genes!
Patricia Adams
Roxbury, New York
Hello Lynn,
Just a little shout out from a Haystack Acres Mom (Nellie Jan 2 2008, SuzyQ and Tank). Wanted you to know we just saw about Tank's passing and send you corgi hugs, Nellie has his face and smile to a T. Nellie is truly our "heart" corgi of all the ones we've been privileged to be "owned" by. Hope you, yours and the Hollards are all doing well. Nellie is by her lonesome since we lost Ralphy last year and I wondered what was in your future with new pups. Jill and I both swore since Nellie, we would never own another Corgi from anyone else.
Trish Jill and Nellie
By Tank out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Hi Lynn,
We LOVE this little guy, he is adorable! He goes to the bank, post office, town hall, lacrosse practice at the high school, he goes everywhere. He is even going with us up to see our daughter at school, we are surprising her and bringing him with us. He is just such a great dog and we have really fallen in love with him! I have been taking a lot of pictures, a lot with my phone when I should be taking them with the camera! I promise to get some to you. Everyone loves the name Bob which is so funny to me. One of Bob's favorite places is the beach, he loves running around, exploring, and just taking it all in. I just wanted to touch base and let you know he is doing great, smart as a whip! He is so darn cute we can't stand it!
Bob wants to wish all of his family at Haystack Acres a Happy New Year. We are celebrating Bob's first birthday today and he wishes all of his brothers and sisters a Happy Birthday.
We are having such a great time with Bob and he is such great company with both of our children off in school. He is so sweet and loving and so friendly with everybody. My husband Peter takes him with him every night when he goes for his walk so Bob is getting plenty of exercise. We just love him and get so-o-o many compliments on him! He is like a movie star! We really have considered getting another Corgi from you but have settled into such a nice routine that I'm a little hesitant to rock the apple cart! He travels so well and just goes with the flow. I'm not sure how it will work with two but believe me if we ever get another Corgi it will certainly be from Haystack Acres!!
Liz and Peter
By Tank out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Okay, Dean and I knew the breed was smart but really! Angus scared and amazed us all at the same time. On Monday, since it was a little cold, I left all the dogs in the courtyard (it’s a private fenced are within our backyard .. 8 ft fences!) that attaches to the laundry room and garage so they could come in (although snow and cold seem to be Gus’ thing). Dean called me when he got up a couple of hours later and asked if I had taken Angus to work. Immediately, I knew he was gone. I headed home from Evergreen and Dean started frantically looking and trying to figure out how he could have gotten out at the same time. 5 minutes later I get a call that he was found in a front yard 3 houses away but I should come home so I could see his escape route. Well, smart he is .. by watching our cat (who’s 19 and not so agile anymore) get on a chair, then on the café table then on the 4” ledge around our house, he managed to balance and squeeze himself through the gap between the fence and house. I’m sure it was then that he realized he couldn’t turn around so he kept moving .. when he ran out of ledge, he jumped into the driveway and off he went. Needless to say, the chairs and tables have been moved and the gap closed up (who knew it was a escape route 5 feet off the ground!). Now he just sits and looks at it and whines! He’s always one step ahead of us. And he’s as gorgeous as ever.
We really love him .. more than we thought we would. We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives! Colleen and Dean Norton
Lakewood Colorado
By Tank out of Singing In The Rain "Punkin"
Hi Lynn,
Here is a picture of "Indy" aka "Star" who we bought from you back in September. He is out of Miss Kandy Dancer, born July 4th. We were going to name him "Star" but changed it to "Indiana" in the car on the way home. Anyway, he is a wonderful, wonderful dog! He is exactly what I was hoping for in a running companion. I run with him off-leash on open space paths and I've been teaching him hand signals. He already knows "arm up" means wait, "arm down" means go, "arm down and pointing to the ground" means come to me and sit. He is also a wonderful family dog and just a joy to have around. He is LOVING the snow. After running a few miles he likes to bury himself in the snow and lay down for a minute or two. He is also super friendly and loves everyone he meets.
Laurie and the Harford family
Superior, Colorado
By Tank out of Miss Kandy Dancer
Finney has been quite the special little boy to us, since we lost our two Bernese Mountain Dogs to cancer just 7 weeks apart this past Spring. He has brought back laughter and joy to our home. Finney is quite the little character, he constantly brings a smile to our faces. You never know what he is going to do next. One minute he's blowing bubbles in his water bowl and the next he is in your lap giving you lots of kisses. He constantly runs around the house with his stuffed toys in his mouth making them make noises. The louder the better! Now that Fall is in the air we take him for lots of car rides. Finney loves to go bye bye! He is such a good boy in the car. We just can't say enough about our little guy! We love him so much!
Beth & Ted Randolph
Aurora, Colorado
By Tank out of Miss Whitney
Hi Lynn,
I am so sorry that I have not written or sent pictures of our sweet Chloe. We had 2 others dogs and had just lost our oldest dog when we purchased Chloe from you. We have since lost our other dogs to old age and now Chloe is the only child. She has been so much fun! She loves to take long walks in morning with her Daddy in the cold rain, she just loves to be outside. She is very social, in fact she thinks that all people who come to our house are here to see her!
My Mother who came with me to pick her up was diagnosed with cancer last August and has been living with us so Chloe is her caregiver. She has brought such joy into our lives we were so truly blessed to find you and your wonderful Corgi puppies! By the way she really does keep us in line!!!! Our Vet says they have never seen such a beautiful Corgi.... we most definitely think she is!
Much love Crispin and Michelle
Taos, New Mexico
By Elvis out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
The puppies are doing great....I named the female Molly and the male Tiger. She is more adventurous that he is but he stalks her like a Tiger when they are playing. I do not have a digital camera, but when this roll is developed I will scan them into the computer and e-mail you the pictures. I will be happy to keep you informed as to how they are doing. We went to the vet Thursday for their 2nd round of shots and to get their chart started. They were the hit of the day. My vet is also a Corgi person and he was highly impressed by the breeding in these two. Feel free to contact me at any time.
Ross Culbert
Farmington, New Mexico
By Tank out of Rock 'n Roller Suzy Q
Hello, Lynn!
I hope this finds you and yours doing well in '08. Just a long overdue note here with pics (Fall/Winter '07) of this precious pup ... Gabby. We do need to take more current photos and send some to you as she has really matured since these were taken. We want to thank you again for sticking with us and giving us this adorable little blessing. She's an incorrigible addition to our family and is loved by all! (Wish we had two of her!) Everyone is enamored of her when she's out and about, so we always refer them to your website. Anyway, thank you so very much and God Bless!
Tray, Barbara & Keith
By Tank out of Miss Precious Penny
Hi Lynn...
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Shorty and give you an update on him. He settled into the family quite easily, and spends his time getting beat up by the cat on a regular basis, who by the way is his best friend. He has been such a wonderful addition to the family, my parents, siblings, everyone just loves him! He is such a clown and loves to be the center of attention. At Thanksgiving, he was the hit of the party, winning over everyone's hearts. I take him to the dog park a few times a week and I call him the ambassador as he has to go and meet everyone there, and everyone that comes in, both dog and human. I can't even tell you how many times people have told me that he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen. One woman pulled up next to me at a stop light to ask me what kind of dog he was and told me she doesn't even like dogs but he was the cutest thing ever. When I take him to the vet, they always tell me they can't wait until I have a little more room to get him a little sister, because I've discovered that only one is not enough!
Happy Holidays to you and your family, and thank you for bringing Shorty into my life!
Blaike Kohlmeyer
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Lynn, just wanted to send a new picture of Shorty, who is now "Moose". He's such a goofball, and always into everything, including people's laps, that he became more of a "Moose". Everyone who meets him absolutely loves him, he's so adorable, and has so much personality, that he has a huge fan club. He loves to have his picture taken, when I took this for Christmas, he sat wearing the hat for at least twenty pictures until we got it just right. He's a definite mama's boy, and always has to be by my side, and runs to great me when I come home at night. He is now about two and a half, I don't know how I ever lived without him! I look forward to when I can add a brother or sister to the mix.
By Radar out of Miss Kandy Dancer
Dante is a majestic and courageous little guy who carries himself in a regal manner as if he believes he is of Royal Blood. He loves activity and yet he can occupy himself very well off by himself. He is unbelievably athletic and has a most wonderful sense of humor. He is healthy as a horse and has an appetite to match. He is fairly calm for a puppy but he likes to talk a lot (very expressive about what he wants and likes). Of course you can imagine he is a “Head Turner ". Can't take him anywhere that we don't get stopped and have to spend time talking to everybody about him. Everybody wants to take him home. You were right, Dante is a spittin' image of his daddy Tank.
Take care and expect some referrals. Bill, Gina, Johanna, Vicky, Bella and DANTE'
By Tank out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time "Tammi"
Hi Lynn.....
Megan is just the best little traveler. She slept all the way home from the ranch, with stops at Wal-Mart and the grocery along the way. She behaved her little self in the stores and for a few 4+ hour drives while we were in CO. Not a peep out of her until we got to the boarding area at DIA when she started to cry and even howl a little. I covered the Sherpa bag with my sweater and she quieted right down. Must have been too much stimulation. She repeated the noise making while I waited to get into TGI Friday's at the Atlanta airport, but was quieted again by covering the crate. I took her into the ladies room at the airport, put down a tinkle pad, and she used it on cue.
Other than nibbling on toes, which is painful at times, she has been perfect. I know she will outgrow it and we will just have to wear toe guards of some sort in the meantime. The time at the cabin was good bonding time as she was lying down with her head on my foot by the time we returned home. She adjusted very easily to being in a completely different environment. Just didn't know what to think of the squirrel that guards the birdseed, and he wasn't too sure about her, either. Our last evening there, she played on the deck while I sipped on wine and watched the birds. She is a great little companion, and loves playing with my two year old granddaughter. We are working on the command "Come" which so far is hit or miss. Thank you so much for making my life even better.
Megan is doing well and is about to begin obedience class on Wednesday. The vet's office loves her as she has single handedly changed their minds about herding dogs as pets. She loves to play fetch and is very social with people, children and other dogs. I thank you, Lynn and the Corgis at the ranch for that. She hasn't met anyone she doesn't like. Even the UPS and FedEx delivery men! She learns faster than any dog I have ever known. She is a bit of a nipper still, so I am hoping that will change as she settles down some more.
Rim and I have been looking at single family homes in the area so that Megan and our grandchildren will have a fenced yard to play in. For now she must be on a leash at all times when outside. Maybe she will do well enough in school that I can trust her off lead someday. I am hoping to drive her out to CO some time in the future so she can spend time at the cabin with us and maybe visit you in Longmont. I am almost afraid she will like it so much she won't be happy here anymore. Megan has become quite the snuggler when we watch TV at night. She also loves belly rubs. Rim says she is the best dog we have ever owned. Give Kandy a hug for me.
We finally got around to registering her with AKC. Her official name is now Honeyfox Oh My Megan. She should be nearly ten months by the time she completes obedience training and by then will be ready for a sport, like flyball, agility, or herding. I want to see what she is best at and let her play. Whatever she chooses, I know she will love it.
Betsy Bishop
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
By Radar out of Miss Kandy Dancer
Our family just wanted to thank you so very much for allowing us to expand our family with one of your pups. We are so happy with Tater. She is a wonderful addition to our family and I just can't put into words how much she means to us. She is smarter than my 12 year old son (LOL - just kidding).... I will never get a different breed again, and we hope to add another pup from you in a year or so. So once again thanks and take care
The Hamills
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Miss Dancing Tater Tot
By Tank out of Miss Kandy Dancer
Just wanted to tell you how great Brody is! She is very bright and full of spunk. Strong willed but eager to please.
Thanks again and here is a picture from mid May.
Joyce, Jordan , Scot and Bryn Sedlacek
By Radar out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time "Tammi"
Hi Lynn,
Here are the pictures of Scott and me with Glen and Emma I promised. I just wanted to tell you again how much we love these dogs. I researched for 6 MONTHS because there are so many back yard breeders and puppy mills, I wanted to make sure I found a responsible and reputable breeder. I still remember our first trip to your place. I was immediately impressed--all the dogs were obviously happy and healthy and well behaved. It was clear they got a lot of love and attention. I thought it was great that instead of your typical "kennel" of cement floors and chain link that look like a shelter, they have beds and their own little yards and toys and a buddy to hang out with.
You were so patient answering all my questions about corgis. I'm so glad we got Glen. Obviously, because less then 6 months later we got Emma! It's true-these guys are addicting, you can't have just one! Glen is your typical corgi; loving attention and a bundle of energy. He'll lick you to death if you let him. Emma is so laid back, the only thing she barks at are the squirrels. She'll happily lounge in your lap for hours. I get so many comments on how cute and great they are- especially Emma. There have been a couple times at the dog park I think people would have snuck her home with them if they could! I always give them your name and number.
I love having both a normal haired, and a fluffy corgi. People recognize Glen as a corgi, and then ask me about Emma and are always surprised to learn about the recessive fluffy gene. I could probably go on and on about how great they are with people of all ages, great with the cat, the other dog, and the dogs at the dog park. They love car rides, walks--they really are our buddies. Someday when we have acreage we will be back for more!
Thank you so much for everything!
Kira Michele Miller
Fort Collins, Colorado
Emma by Tank out of Precious Penny - Glen by Radar
Hey Lynn 🙂
Attached you will find a picture of my pack o' Corgis taking a walk, and Glen on the agility field, coming off the Apex, and then sitting next to his little 4" warm up jump.
Radar has been such a fabulous addition. His sweet, low-key nature is a great balance to Glen's enthusiasm and excitability. But I can definitely tell they are father and son. They have cute little mannerisms, and the way they are both wonderful with kids of all ages! I don't know what we did before we had him. He is living the dream of a retirement, with regular walks and even occasionally joining the younger two in silly Corgi play. Lots of pampering and love, and the love we get in return is priceless!
Emma is continuing to break hearts on our walks, everyone loves her soft fluffy fur, and she is such a cuddle bug. Whenever Scott or I have had a bad day, she is the one who will crawl into our lap and get us smiling again. She has recently discovered the joys of fetch, and will grab the ball out of the other dogs mouth if they get to it first in order to bring it back to me.
Glen and I have been exploring the wonderful world of agility, he has taken to it like a duck to water! It is a great outlet for his energy, and a great way to get my butt off the couch and exercising in a way that is FUN! He has such a great desire to please and have a job, and when we pull up to the agility field he is raring to go, watching me for where he gets to go next. I have no doubt that as we continue training we will get into competing and rock it!
I really do have a serious addiction to this breed, and I couldn't be happier!!!!
Lots of love from Kira and Scott,
with Emma, Glen and Radar!
"Best Corgi of the three I've owned! Super Smart!"
Nick Nicholl
Denver, Colorado
By Radar out of Miss Wilma Lou
Hi Lynn:
Thought I would drop you a note and send an updated pictures of Barkly.
He is such a joy! A total character in his own right (and he knows it)!
Favorite toy - plush lamb toy with a squeaker! He can make it squeak in numerous tones and cadence. Barkly also learned to swim in our pool this summer. At first he wanted nothing to do with the pool. I finally coaxed him onto a raft that is stable enough for him to run back and forth on (barking of course) until he is ready to take the plunge! Now he jumps off the side of the pool, onto the raft and swims around like he owns the pool.
We are considering another Corgi. I have been back on your web site and noticed you have some new dogs and are expecting puppies. Please send me information! By far, you have the nicest Corgis we can find. We are constantly stopped whenever we have Barkly out and about - he is such a handsome dog!
Thanks again.
Darcy & Pete Wekell
Phoenix, Arizona
By Elvis out of Rock'n Roller Suzy Q
Hi Lynn! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how the puppy (Arrow) is doing. Her name is now Miss Suzy Q, and she is wonderful! She is full of life, very healthy and smart as a whip. We've already started some basic training. When we took her to the Vet for the first time, she asked us how long we'd had the puppy and where we got her. When we told her we purchased her from a breeder in Colorado, she was absolutely flabbergasted. She said she had never seen a puppy that healthy come from a breeder. She was really impressed with her heath and well-being and her socialization. She ran some basic tests she runs on all new clients, and she couldn't stop talking about how healthy and beautiful the puppy is. When we walk into the Vet's office, everyone on staff wants to hold her and love her.
I've given your web site to everyone who expresses an interest in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. I have no idea if any of them will make a purchase, but I sincerely hope so. We're even thinking about getting a playmate for Suzi when we can afford another puppy. Thank-you so much for the care and effort you put into your business. From everything we've heard, you are the exception rather than the rule, and we are really glad we purchased from you.
Deborah Brown
Yucaipa, California
Miss Suzy Q (formerly Arrow)
By Elvis out of Miss Emma Jane
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