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From our Family to Yours….. Here’s How it Works!

Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!

Start The Conversation!  Our puppies are family members, and we are more interested in visiting with you personally than having you fill out a general application form. Please send me an email to get the conversation started and I am happy to move forward from there with scheduling a visit or chatting on the phone. Phone calls and text messages are always welcome.  I apologize in advance if I can’t immediately answer you.   720-530-0783

Join Our Waitlist!

All of our puppies sell on a master wait list in advance, generally 3 to 6 months out. I give puppy choice in the order that I receive deposits by date. Once your name comes up on the list for a puppy, you may choose a pup or bump to another litter. We do breed throughout the year and understand that life changes. We want everything to be a perfect fit when bringing your new family member home. For this reason, when folks move around on the waitlist I may have a puppy sooner than later who is ready to join your family! A deposit towards the purchase price is required to secure a spot on the wait list. We accept a personal check, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal (with a 3% fee added) or cash. I will forward you a puppy deposit contract that will need to be filled out, signed and returned with payment. Once the deposit and contract are received, your name will be added to our master wait list. I will contact you when your name comes up on the list to choose a puppy. You are always welcome to reach out to me for more exact timing!

Puppy Time! Awe, hang in there,…. Just a little longer!

We use ovulation timing and mostly TCI breeding, so our anticipated litters and timing are normally spot on. Mother Nature however, has the final say in litter size, gender, and individual puppy vigor, so we prefer to wait until the litter is 2 weeks old before reaching out to folks on the waitlist. Once we begin working down the waitlist, we will contact you and let you know where you line up on a particular litter.

Unlike many other breeders, we welcome families to come meet the pups once they have reached 6 weeks of age, as often as they would like until the pups go home at 8 weeks. We are careful with sanitation and ask that you not visit dog parks, vet clinics, or areas that may have heavy dog traffic prior to your visit in order to avoid unwanted pathogens. We also kindly ask if you have other furry family members you leave them home for the same reasons.

Choosing Your Puppy!

I will schedule puppy visits beginning at 6 weeks of age in the order that folks line up on the particular litter. At this time I will have a puppy packet for you with information to help you prepare for the big day of bringing your puppy home. This will include a health record of each pup with worming and vaccination records, TLC dog food coupons, Baxter & Bella online training Academy discount codes, NuVet supplement pamphlets and and other goodies.

For those of you who are out of state and unable to meet your puppy in person we will work with you closely in choosing the pup that will fit you best. We handle and work with the pups daily, so we are well acquainted with individual personalities. We will send photos and are happy to facetime with you when the big day to choose your fur-ever friend arrives!

We also offer Volhard Puppy Aptitude testing on the litter for a fee of $75.

Home Sweet Home!

Your puppy is officially ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. “Our family member to yours”, means that we want to keep the bond! We love to hear back from folks and especially enjoy photos as the pups mature. We have a testimonials page on our website, so send me your bragging rights and we will include your pup/dog on our website! If you live out of state, we are happy to personally deliver the pup to an airport of your choosing. The fee will depend on the time and distance we need to travel. We do not ship cargo, we want our pups to go directly from our arms to yours!

Delivery Options

Many of our puppies sell to homes that are out of state. If folks can not come here to pick up their puppy we are happy to offer a “puppy nanny” service and bring your puppy directly to you! We will not ship via cargo, too many horror stories around that method of delivery. We prefer to have the puppy go directly from our arms to yours as the pup travels in the cabin with us until we meet you at the airport of your choice. We charge a reasonable fee for our time plus airfare for this service.

Board & Train

Often the timing of bringing a puppy home will conflict with schedules. Or, perhaps folks worry the transition from the litter to a new home will be stressful.

Either way, we are happy to offer a solution that has been tried and true. We will often keep the puppy for a week or more and begin crate/house training as well as basic obedience and leash training. We will take the puppy for car rides and on socialization outings that are safe and fun for all. We are careful to avoid areas of high dog traffic and possible unwanted pathogens. We make trips to places like Murdochs, Ace Hardware, Home Depot etc. The pup learns to ride in the cart while getting extensive social attention. Patio restaurants and brew pubs are also a great place to socialize puppies! When the puppy is ready to join it’s new family, a routine has been set and the transition is smooth. We’ve had great success with this and lots of happy families tell us so!

We also provide a weekly “puppy class” when the season and weather permit. This is a group class that allows for safe puppy interaction and play time while providing the beginning of basic obedience. It is a great way to get you and your new puppy started properly on the road to success, with professional guidance.

Baxter & Bella Online Training Academy

Training begins the moment your furry family member comes home! To have the best possible relationship with your puppy, we highly recommend you make training a consistent and structured part of your puppy’s first few years.

We’re thrilled and excited to have partnered with Baxter & Bella, which gives all of our Haystack Acres families a 25% discount on the program. Check out their website Baxter& for tons of information, be sure to use the code in all caps; HAYSTACKACRES to receive your discount when you sign up!

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