Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our Facilities

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Puppy Whelping Room

Our whelping suite is state of the art in comfort and design. I have a large room in my house that is designated for whelping and the first 3-4 weeks of puppy hood. This allows me constant mama/puppy monitoring and hands on attention 24/7. The mamas enjoy all the extra love they receive. We have heated nests in each puppy suite to ensure pups are always warm and comfy. The room even has beautiful leather couches that lay back into a bed and a big screen TV, for my comfort and those long nights, since I literally live with the pups and moms for the initial 4 weeks!

Puppy Barns

When pups are 4 weeks old and eating a diet of soft puppy food, they are moved out to our heated/air conditioned puppy suites. They have access to an inside temperature controlled area as well as a large outdoor covered playpen. We play music in all the puppy suites in order to expose them to different sounds. Pups learn how to use a dog door to go potty outside from a young age and feedback from our happy customers has indicated that potty training is a breeze! Our pups are handled daily and are well socialized, they have a jungle gym of toys in their pens, and they are exposed to various different environments until they go to their forever home. Our pups easily transition from our home to yours and we are happy to brag about that fact through our customer testimonials, please take a tour of those pages!
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Pastures & Paddocks

The wonderful beauty of phasing a horse facility into a dog facility is that it has created an ideal set up for dogs and pups. Our adult dogs get to enjoy large pastures and huge 6’ tall pipe stall runs and paddocks with plenty of room to romp. These are all attached to either a specifically designed dog barn or my main horse barn. The large main barn stalls have dog doors leading out to the runs and paddocks. The barn stays nice and cool during the hot summer months and allows comfort in the winter with access to the snow if they want! (which they always do!) Beyond having plenty of space in each pen, I rotate the dogs so that each one has time to play at large on the farm as well as time to enjoy being “the” house dog.

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