Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Meet the Guardian Team


It’s no surprise that Alicia would adopt one of my Berner’s as a Guardian. She purchased a pup out of Charlitta/Dozer in 2018, named Bernard. Then, one day she “borrowed” a puppy from Charlitta’s 2020 litter who was a full sibling to her Bernard, and named her Molly. Molly was supposed to go back and forth from her home to mine… but somehow over time she seems to have settled in as a permanent fixture with Alicia! We are all excited to meet her pups when the day arrives!

David & Kirstin

We met in 2010 when David and Kristin purchased a Corgi pup named Winston. Our friendship grew over the years and now, many years later, they are loving guardians for Ditto and her daughter Krizzy. In 2020 they caved to the disclaimer, and couldn’t resist adopting Ditto’s puppy Krizzy! They have a home in Boulder and another in Snowmass, these dogs get to travel and enjoy the good life more than most people!

Mark & Laura

Mark and Laura are guardians to our sweet Corgi Maizel. I think the boarding included in the Guardian program was a perk for these world travelers! They have been wonderful to work with and Maizel is lucky to have them as family. I must mention, they too fell to the ‘Disclaimer’ and adopted a puppy out of Maizel’s last litter sired by Hershey, named Angus!

Tammy & Claude

Tammy and Claude came to us with the intention of purchasing a Corgi puppy. They put a deposit down for a pup, but fell in love with our sweet Pearl. In no time, Pearl joined their family and they became partners in our Guardian program. Just like the others, on Pearl’s first litter, they fell in love and had to adopt one of her pups! We’ve enjoyed working with Tammy and Claude and look forward to a lasting relationship.

Steve Burke

Steve and his sister are hairdressers here in Boulder. I’ve known them for over 40 years. Steve wanted a Berner pup and thought the Guardian program sounded perfect for his lifestyle which includes lots of traveling. Not to mention he lives Just down the road from us! Steve adopted Bailey, a daughter of our sweet Siri and sired by Dozer in 2020. She will soon be having pups for us, we are all very excited!


Lawrie lives in Boulder and was looking for a gentle, semi retired dog. Being Retired herself, she didn’t want the work and challenges that we all know come with raising a puppy. She fell in love with our sweet Echo, and our Guardian program was a perfect fit, as she leaves for months out of the year to do international mission work. Echo enjoys her time here while Lawrie is away, perfect for everyone!


Bill came to visit in 2021, he was inquiring about adopting a puppy. Because he lives just down the road from me, I told him about our Guardian program and showed him the ‘pick’ of the litter I had just claimed out of our Daisy/Wally litter. He fell in love with her and the idea of the Guardian program. “Lilly” as we named her spent 5 additional months going back and forth from his home and ours so that she would be completely familiar and comfortable with coming here in the future. Needless to say, Bill is smitten with Lilly and providing her with a fabulous life. We look forward to building our friendship and are happy we met another neighbor down the road!!

Renee and Claude

Like so many others, Renee and Claude visited with a puppy purchase in mind and ended up adopting our lovely Berner import named Dani. They have been a joy to work with and since they live in Fort Collins it has simplified breeding, as our main reproduction vet is located in Fort Collins. Likewise, they couldn’t resist adopting a puppy from Dani’s 2021 litter sired by Wally, her name is Kallie and she is a doll!

Michael & Cynthia

Michael and Cindy were in search of a Corgi pup. We scheduled a visit to meet the pack and discuss puppies. Then they met Taffy and her sister CeCe! The rest of the story is obvious, the Guardian program sounded perfect, and in fact, the dogs went home with them the very same day! We look forward to a wonderful relationship and only time will tell if they end up with puppies too!

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