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Suzy Q

Rock’n Roller Suzy Q

“Suzy Q” was our “pick” of a litter of eight. Much like her mother, she’s a “love bug” who prefers to lounge in your lap and be by your side. She has beautiful dark points on her face around her muzzle and eyes and tends to color her pups the same way. Suzy Q won Best Female at her first show out only weeks after nursing 15 puppies! She had a litter of 7 and was a supplementing “mom” to 8 additional puppies for 5 weeks. She completed her UKC championship title in 2008 and is now a “calendar girl” therapy dog. Suzy Q was chosen as a “cover girl” dog in recognition of the countless hours of therapy she and her partner Debbie Hollard generously donate throughout the years.

Pedigree, vWD, OFA, Eye and Championship Certifications


With heavy hearts and watery eyes, we say good bye to SuzyQ. Miss SuzyQ was the most loveable corgi, my side kick and shadow, the cuddliest companion anyone could ask for. It was a joy watching her grow up. We did a lot together for 15 plus years. She loved going to dog shows and winning her championship. She was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She also loved her time as a therapy dog for 8 years. When she could not walk well, we got a stroller for her to get around. SuzyQ loved getting dressed up too. The hospital and nursing homes just loved her and she put many smiles on people’s faces, and loved going to the Tour de Corgi in Ft. Collins. She will be missed by many that knew her. She never complained about anything and always wanted to be by my side. SuzyQ may be gone, but I will remember all the good times we had. We will meet up again someday at the bridge. Love you SuzyQ – to the moon and back!
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