Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs


Mishka is our most playful and athletic Berner. She has the ground covering stride like that of a grey hound! Her personality sparkles with a “love me”, tongue wagging smile. She loves anyone she meets and thinks she should be in everyone’s lap. She grew up with my daughter while away at school at CU. As a result, she has become quite the social butterfly and attempts to steal all attention. Her main hang out is the gym where she goes to “work out” with Kinsey. She has become quite well adapt to pulling kettle bells around so we think she should naturally go into carting when she grows up! She also loves to visit patio pubs, of course becoming the center of attention there too because she flirts with everyone!! We are excited to see what she grows into as a lady, she is maturing beautifully already!


Mishka's Pedigree and Certifications

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