Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs


Haystack’s Grettle

“Gretti” as we call her is following in her mother Patsy’s footsteps…. all the way into everyone’s lap. She is an absolute cuddle bug and loves everyone. Her little foxy face describes her cunning ability to out think us here on the ranch. She is very good at figuring out a way to get what she wants! (But then again, who can resist that face?) She gets along beautifully with all the other animals, including all the barn cats, and she is a fantastic mother. She is very attentive and loves to play with her puppies all the way through weaning and beyond.
She is sired by the famous AKC Grand Champion LS Neildiamond. We are excited to get her in the show ring this year in conformation and agility!


Pedigree and Certificates

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