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Berners in the Community

Berners Bring Blessings of Bliss to our Dear Elderly Community

We are proud to announce, our Haystack Berners are making their way into the Therapy dog community. Several of Luna and Limba’s puppies and owners are working their way into the service dog community. We are proud and thankful and plan to keep up with their progress and stories. We hope to encourage more of our puppy owners to follow this path with their gentle giants! Before our puppies go to their forever home at 8 weeks they make their first visit to a nursing home, see for yourself what joy these pups bring to the elderly!

Corgis in the Community

Make A Wish Colorado teams up with Haystack Acres to make a little boy’s wish for a Corgi puppy come true! We at Haystack Acres are honored to have been chosen by Make A Wish to be a part of this special event. Jack took home a puppy out of our dear Annie sired by Johnny Cash, we look forward to keeping in touch with the family and truly wish them our best.

By Johnny Cash out of Foxy Little Annie

Hi Lynn,
Just thought you’d like to know that Fez got certified to do therapy work! He goes to the Brookdale old folk’s home twice a month. He’ll also be going to CU in two weeks to help de-stress the students. He loves the attention.
Hope you and all of the pups are doing great!
Fezzik is currently certified with the Association of Therapy Dogs and works mostly with Therapy Dogs of Boulder County. We visit Brookdale Senior Living about twice a month as well as occasional trips to CU.
Dave Nadeau

By Jax out of Miss Juliet

Enzo is a son of our dear Whitney and Tanks Teddy Bear. He and his best friend Sally are certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs in Cheyenne Wyoming as well the LUH Tails group. Sally and Enzo visit both CU and the Alta Vista Senior Care. We appreciate all you do for the community!

By Teddy out of Miss Whitney

Here is a tribute to Tank as a therapy dog. He has now retired from 4 years of service, we love him so much!

December – 2015
SuzyQ, a four year member of our TAILS (Therapy Animals in Loving Service) Program received her Spirit of Planetree Therapy Dog Award yesterday. The ceremony took place at The Homestead where she visits members on a regular basis. Congratulations SuzyQ and Debbie Hollard, her human team member!!

Peggy Sue, following in the tracks of her parents SusyQ and Tank, is now a registered therapy dog with TDInc, headquartered in Cheyenne WY. She is among a special group of dogs whose therapy service is spread throughout the USA! She is pictured here with her team mate Debbie Hollard. A big “hug” to you both for your wonderful work in our community.

Suzy Q and Tank (Peggy Sue’s mom and dad) are certified and registered therapy dogs making regular visits to the Longmont Homestead Adult Day care center. This trip the adult dogs stayed home and Debbie took the pups (Tank and Suzy Q’s grandkids) to visit. They were a hit bringing lots of love, kisses and smiles to these folks!

Peggy Sue’s 7 week old puppies of 2013

Hi Lynn,
Hope all is well with you and your family. Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that Lily took her Therapy Dog test Friday evening and passed it (first try too). I am surprised she was able to concentrate on her commands since I took her through her paces, me using a walker and in a leg brace the whole time (I broke my knee cap Wednesday am). So she had to totally readjust to a new way of working in two days. I am really proud of having such a “smarty” for my little gal, Lily. I will send you a more current picture of her (in a couple of months or so) with her certificate. I am not sure where we will work, but am thinking probably nursing homes for a while. Am also open to suggestions for where therapy dogs are needed. (She’s too overwhelming for small children right now).
Thanks again for breading such smart, mildly tempered Corgi pups!
Talk to you soon ~
Tom & Elaine Peters
Wichita, Ks

By Teddy out of Miss Whitney

Hi Lynn; We have great news. Today Timber, Steve and I became Delta Dog Pet Partners. We can officially go into hospitals and senior centers. We can go into libraries for dog-kid reading programs and Timber can be present in court rooms when kids have to testify. Often Timber does tele-medicine with Steve over his dedicated T-line to Wyoming. Apparently he will be the first Delta tele-medicine dog. I’ll send you pictures and we think it would be great if we can get a picture of Tank and Timber in their vests as part of your narratives regarding corgi’s and community service jobs. Thanks so much for the treasure you have given us.
Steve and Damaris Methner.

By Tank out of All That Jazz

Aimee Bingler’s life changed when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Aimee’s Corgi Joey is trained as a seizure-alert dog. A story about this was aired on Denver’s Fox 31 news on May 19th, 2011.

(From 10/16/2010) Joey is doing SO well. Just this morning he mastered his “take it” and “hold it” lessons, meaning that he successfully retrieved (and more importantly, brought back to me) several different items–from a hairbrush to a sneaker, he has no hesitation or fear whatsoever. This is super important, because many service-dogs-in-training have an aversion to holding certain things in their mouths (be it something metal–like keys–or something bulky, like a shoe), which makes them less likely to pass their licensure test successfully. For a patient like me–who has neurological problems that can cause me to drop things, and also have trouble bending over and picking those things up–it is crucial that a service dog be comfortable working with all kinds of objects, and I am so proud of Joey that he is doing so wonderfully. And at such a young age!…he is mastering skills that pups twice his age haven’t even gotten to yet in their training.
(From 10/22/2010) Honestly, I know I’m prejudiced (being his Mom and all, of course I think he’s perfect in every way), but he really is astonishingly good; in fact, he is performing more advanced tasks–and with better skill–than other dogs in his service dog class that are twice his age (or even more). He has infinite patience, too–he’s been able to lie quietly under my chair when I sit for IV treatments at the doctor’s office (which last at least two hours, if not longer)…what 14 week old puppies can manage that? (not to mention the fact that he’s been doing so since he was only 9 weeks of age). He can work the medic alert box, retrieve my keys and medicine, and pick up on seizure activity–not 100% of the time yet, of course, but the fact that he can do it at all (and especially the fact that he does so successfully more than 85% of the time) is astounding. He’s a miracle to everyone who meets him, and he certainly is one to me.


By Josh out of SGF Fortins A Wrinkle In Time “Tammi”

Congratulations Tank, SuzyQ and Debbie on the completion of the TAILS therapy dog program through United Hospital in Longmont, CO. We are happy to begin a new chapter here at Haystack Acres “Corgis in the Community”.

Debbie and Tank with the TAILS group, August 2011
Debbie, Tank and Suzy Q with the TAILS group, August 2012
Suzy Q makes the cover of TAILS 2013 Calendar and Tank the month of August! SuzyQ, Tank and Debbie spend countless hours volunteering as a therapy team at Longmont United Hospital. A big “Thank You” goes out to all of you for your generous gift of time!
RIP 01-13-2003 to 04-01-2016
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