Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Through The Years Gallery

With a multi generational breeding program now well into the second decade, we have proven the excellence of our efforts. By holding back our own puppies we’ve been able to choose the best of the pairings. We select puppies based on conformation, disposition, health screening, litter interaction and socialization testing, resulting in the ‘cream of the crop’ for our breeding stock. (photo or video of puppies)

We are happy to boast that our breeding program offers the best in bloodlines, longevity, and breed and health standards. While many breeders claim they have health screened dogs, the quality of the testing is a huge variable. We use the most stringent tests (Embark & PennHip) to ensure the healthiest puppies. Not only have our dogs been screened through PennHIp, they are scoring in the top 5% of the entire BMD database! Though we test for everything possible, the incidence for cancer in the BMD breed is relatively high. Because we can trace back through the generations of our breeding program, we can see and say with confidence that cancer in our lines is extremely rare. (photos of various certs, Wally picture) .

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