Why do we recommend NuVet Plus?

As you probably understand by now, the health of our dogs is the priority at Haystack Acres. We want all of our Corgis and Berners to have the longest, healthiest lives possible, and we strive to provide assets to our community to achieve that goal. NuVet Plus is one of the best resources we’ve found to enhance your dog’s overall health. It is a multitool supplement developed by a team of researchers and veterinarians that supports almost every aspect of your dog’s health. These benefits include, but are not limited to, improving skin health (hot spots, itching, etc.), diminishing allergies, increasing energy, preventing cataracts, enhancing digestion, reducing heart disease, and supporting joint health. We’re blown away by the scope and effectiveness of NuVet’s products, and believe every one of our Corgi and Berner owners should utilize them.
In addition to the benefits of NuVet Plus is the quality of their ingredients and manufacturing. All of the different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs, and amino acids are human-grade and processed in an FDA-approved facility. They use no sugars or fillers, and do not heat treat any of the ingredients (which destroys the potency and availability of certain vitamins and minerals). All in all, NuVet has proven their dedication to creating the highest quality supplement possible, and given how affordable it is, there’s no reason to not use NuVet Plus throughout your dog’s entire life!

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Why do we recommend TLC Dog Food?

With so many pet foods to choose from, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Proper nutrition for our dogs is a top priority, and after much research we are convinced that TLC is the best food out there. Unlike most commercial foods, TLC’s ingredients arrive fresh daily from local farms and oceans, and are never frozen. Instead of sitting on a shelf for months at a pet food store, your puppy’s food is delivered free to your home within weeks of being made. We have had wonderful results with TLC, and even our most picky eaters love the taste!
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