Toby is a gentle, kind Percheron/TB cross gelding. He is 15 yrs and 15.3 H. He is well mannered and very willing to please. He has been used as a lesson horse for the University of Colorado equestrian team and is well trained in the arena. He loves the trail and is excellent about crossing water, doesn't spook, listens to his rider and isn't bothered by dogs, bikes or cars. He loads in a trailer and hauls easily. He stands tied quietly and is well mannered for the farrier. He lives in the pasture and is an easy keeper. Click here to see a video of Toby!

Isabeau, "Izzy" is a beautiful 1993 Friesian/TB mare registered in the Performance Horse Registry and International Sporthorse Registry (main mare book Oldenburg registry). She is 100% sound and a pleasure to ride. She is a beautiful mover in classic dressage and recently has been playing around in Western Dressage. She has wonderful ground manners and is trustworthy and safe to be around. She has had 2 foals without any complications through live cover on first try. Izzy is an easy keeper and is not on any special maintenance program. She lives in the pasture, is kind around other horses and truly a sweet, gentle mare.
Click here to see a video of Izzy!

"Lizzie" is a beautiful golden Palomino Quarter horse that I trained as a 2 year old. She has been with me and friends of mine throughout her life. She has truly "been there, done that". She started her career as a show horse earning numerous points in the PHBA association in multiple disciplines in both English and Western, ridden professionally in the open events, and shown in both youth and amateur as well. She retired from the show ring and spent many years as a trail horse. She crosses water, rides anywhere with confidence, is easy to load and haul, stands tied, is easy to clip and bathe and is excellent with her feet. She is absolutely gentle and trustworthy. Lizzie has spent the last 5 years as a lesson horse for the CU equestrian team. She is the horse anyone can ride and is perfect for beginners but trained well enough that an advanced rider can enjoy her with ease. She just turned 18 years young and is 100% sound with no vices. She sells only because we have more horses than we need.

Killean is a 2008 APHA breeding stock gelding raised and trained here at Haystack Acres. He has been handled professionally since a foal and is very well mannered and quiet. He had 60 days of professional training at age 2 in Natural Horsemanship and the video demonstrates his willing attitude. He has been hauled and ridden extensively on trails, but his arena skills are tuned and polished. He is soft and very responsive; his gaits are comfortable and easy to sit. He is currently being used as a lesson horse for the University of Colorado Equestrian team. He has been shown by the CU team in Western Dressage, and indoor arenas and new environments do not bother him a bit. He is even quiet around cattle and has an excellent stop, using his hind end really well. He is athletic and quiet enough to be a fancy working cow/ranch horse with the foundation he has had, he just needs someone to go on with him. Killean gets along well in the herd and is an easy keeper, truly an all-around nice gelding.
Here is a video of Killean on YouTube.


"Dice" is a flashy 14 year old APHA gelding who is a wonderful all-around horse. He is 14.3 H, a nice size for someone who prefers a smaller horse, and very gentle. He is well trained in the arena as well as a solid trail horse. He has lots of mountain miles in and out of trees and up and down trails. He is very well mannered, kind, and easy to clip, bath, shoe and haul. He has no vices and is not spooky. He will be shown in Western Dressage and professionally ridden until sold.


Van Bar Black Ice

Zippen Bandy Boy
is a 2006 15 hand bay overo gelding. He is a 10 + mover with a mind to please. He is well started and ready to go on with his job in life. He has been professionally raised and trained here at the Haystack and has a lovely foundation. He is quiet and rides well both on the trail and in the arena, his ground manners are excellent, he is very respectful and has no vises. He is lovely English or western and would make a great youth or amateur horse.

Bandy just won the Hunter Under Saddle class at his first show out on Aug. 15th!

Quite A Fancy Bandit is a splashy black and white 2007 APHA overo gelding who is ready to go on with a job. This gorgeous boy is both athletic and handsome. He has an excellent foundation and is riding nicely. His training includes turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, side pass, two track, backing softly and collection through his topline in motion. He stands quietly tied, is nice with his feet, hauls easily and is gentle to be around. He is 15.1 + hands and still growing. He is champion bred with bloodlines similar to many of the horses on our website show page, (half brother to World Champion producer Feverz Dusky Eyes and World Champion Dusky’s Ditto). He is ready to go to work, whatever discipline, he is sure to get noticed! In June 2011 "Checkers" completed Natural Horsemanship training with Emily Johnson. He was a star student and excelled in all that was asked of him. We have more photos and video upon request.
Video of Quite a Fancy Bandit


Chief is a big, kind, 16H, 11 year APHA gelding. We have known Chief for 5 years; he has been used mostly as an all-around horse for amateur riders. He has many miles on the trail and in the arena. He is well trained, soft and easy to ride either English or Western. He has had a few weeks of Natural Horsemanship training recently and progressed well with all that he was introduced to.
He will be ridden by my daughter Kinsey and used as a lesson horse for the CU equestrian team until sold.

Jazzmyn is a registered Holsteiner mare, though she is older, she is a wonderful producer and excellent mother. She is 16.2 H and throws big, beautiful babies. She is open and ready to breed. Her foals are proving themselves in the dressage and jumping arenas, and folks love them!!

Elegant Ariel is an 8 year, 16 Hand APHA/PHBA palomino mare. She is a full sister to our beloved "Flash" world champion Buyers Reward. She was bred, raised and trained here on our farm and is truly a love. She has been ridden both English and western and enjoys it all. We have taken her all over on the trail, she crosses water, goes down the road with bikes, dogs and cars and nothing bothers her. She has her flying changes and has been jumping for the last year. She hauls easily and is a breeze to ride. She is well trained, soft and very responsive. She is solid minded with any rider. Ariel has started her show season this year winning the 4 day circuit championship at the Colorful Colorado Horse show in Loveland in both Hunter Under Saddle and Road Hack. She will continue to be shown until sold.

Elegant Ariel

Ruby is a flashy 6 year, 15 H. APHA half sister to our beloved “Flash” (Buyer’s Reward). She is very kind and gentle. She loves to trail ride and nothing bothers her. She is gentle for any rider. She is easy to haul, she stands tied quietly, is good to shoe/trim, and very mild mannered. She has no vices or soundness issues and is easy to breed. She is well trained and very smooth riding, both her trot and canter are soft and easy to sit. Ruby is a pleasure to be around and a very easy keeper.

Meadow is a lovely 2001 AQHA mare that is a pleasure to ride and be around. She is very personable, kind and gentle with excellent ground manners. She has had tons of experience on the trail and will go anywhere. Her miles include working cattle in a feedlot, trail riding through the fields and hills, use as a lesson horse and even packing elk on hunting trips in the mountains. She has a wonderful, light handle on her and wants to please. Her gaits are smooth, she is very comfortable and easy to ride. If you are looking for a trail horse, this is your gal!

Clarks Meadow Lady

Rowdz Karma Do is a lovely 7 year AQHA mare that is a full sister to several of the "Karma" horses listed on my show pages. Her siblings have won many championships earning both state and national recognition, including a world Pleasure championship in the PHBA. She is quiet, responsive and very soft. She has a wonderfulfoundation training and is ready to go on in the performance ring. She is quiet on the trail and a pleasure to ride.

“Spring” as we call her is a splashy 2004 APHA, 15.2H overo mare. She is well on her way under saddle and looking forward to an all-around career. She is very gentle, well mannered and kind. She is a lovely mover both English and western. She is excellent on the trail, very confident, crosses water, and does not spook easily. She is one of our favorites and will continue in training until sold. We look forward to showing her next year, so either own her or compete against her!

Rowdeze Replica 2005 AQHA/PHBA 15H gelding
“Rowdy” was raised and trained here on our ranch. He has been hauled and professionally handled since he was a baby. He will load up and ride anywhere without concern. He is gentle and about as bomb proof as they come. He clips easily, including his ears, stands tied patiently for hours, loves baths, easy to shoe, hauls quietly and is just generally unconcerned and loves the attention. His training is geared toward all-around, but he loves to jump and even worked cattle! He won a two year old cutting competition at NJC in 2007 as a two year old. He has national points in PHBA and will continue showing until sold. He is a gorgeous golden color and his 20 lb tail is his own! He is well on his way in his training, as we already have flying lead changes and 360 turn-a-rounds down. He is absolutely quiet on the trail, and will cross any water.


Jag is double registered AQHA/PHBA, 17 yrs and 15.1 H, she is our farm “packer”. She is absolutely safe for any rider to ride anywhere no matter how young or old. This horse is worth her weight in “gold” because she is so bombproof. I have used her in our program for years and she has taught many riders. She “has been there done that” in the show ring including the APHA world shows as well as the PHBA circuit. She has also been an asset for my riding program with the CU equestrian team. Her owner can no longer keep her and I can’t add another horse to my collection, so sadly she is offered for sale. Jag loves to trail ride and doesn’t have a spook in her.

Cowboy is a 13 yr. 15.2 H. AQH gelding that is a trail horse deluxe. He rides anywhere without concern. He is gentle and kind. He has been a trail horse all his life and that is what he likes to do. He sells because owners are moving and can’t take him with them. He is priced to sell, so act quick!

Hes Sucha Red Fox aka “Bubba”. AQHA 2000 16H gelding
AQHA 8 yr. 16 H. quarter horse red dun gelding. “Bubba” is a big gentle giant. He is a very willing and honest horse. He is professionally trained and rides with a soft feel. He is supple, carries a nice top line throughout his gaits and is smooth and comfortable to ride. This is a horse that would compete tough in halter and then ride in the performance classes both English and western. Though he is big, he is a beautiful mover and carries himself very softly. He has been used for lessons and isn’t bothered by different riders. We have been working out on the trail as well and he is learning to relax and enjoy the ride. He is eligible for IBHA and ABRA papers and could show in three breed associations if desired.


APHA bay colt born April 29th, 2008. This beautiful foal is one of the last out of the Barnhart breeding program; born to run, bred to show, bound to win! I have raised, trained and shown these horses throughout my 25 year show career, they have the mind and athletic ability to do anything. I have demonstrated this over and over with the horses in my program winning in various disciplines ranging from English, jumping, western pleasure, cattle, trail, speed events and all-around, winning titles in the state and national arenas. They consistently have the disposition to go on as youth and amateur horses. Don’t miss this opportunity, check this fellow out! He is correct, well balanced, inquisitive and friendly, and very athletic.

Chief Windjester is a 7 year, 16 H., APHA gelding who is versatile and athletic. He has been professionally trained in the arena and polished in all maneuvers. He backs, turns on the haunches and the forehand, carries himself in a soft and collected frame, and moves laterally with ease. He has many miles on the trail as well. He is bold and nothing spooks him. He loves water and will cross any depth. He hauls to new environments without a worry and will stand tied quietly. We have started Chief over fences and he is eager and willing to jump. Chief is very well mannered with no vices, a true gentleman with a disposition plus. He is easy to clip, bath and fuss over. He loves attention but remains polite

Skippin In Molassis is a beautiful 10 year, 15.3 H. AQHA mare that is as gentle as she is beautiful. She was raised and trained here at Haystack Acres by Lynn Hindman. She is absolutely kind, respectful and safe for any rider. She is well trained, very soft and supple to the leg and in hand. She has a complete understanding of foundational skills as well as solid training in advanced skills such as flying lead changes. Her competent ability includes; turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, side pass, two track, canter departure from the walk or standstill, collected and correct back up, movement at all gates in a correct, collected topline as well as a quiet, soft and correct flying lead change on command. She will be a dream for the advanced rider looking to show off or perfect for the new rider needing to learn. She has been jumping as a youth horse and trained in dressage for the past several years.
“Molly” was The 1998 CPEA year end All around 2 year old, the CPEA Year-End High Point Junior English Performance Horse and Reserve Class Champion Year-End: Junior Hunter Under Saddle, Junior Road Hack and 2 year old Snaffle Bit High Point Horse. She is a full sister to the CHJA 2000 High Point Horse of the Year and Green Hunter of the Year Shot Of Latte (also listed on my training page). She is a half sister to Buyers Reward, multiple PHBA World Champion also listed on the training page and youth show team page. Her accomplishments are listed on my training page of the website.


Lynn, We took the plunge and went to a dressage schooling show last weekend and Molly was wonderful. Even with it being a new place, lots of commotion ie. kids, horses etc and a very dark scary indoor arena with lots of birds--- she never spooked or even acted up at all. That show did a tremendous amount to banish all my show anxiety from my previous horse. I was never anxious the entire day. We managed to get a 60 % and a 62.5 % on the two training level tests we did which got us a respectable 8th place out of 18 and 7th place out of 14. Not too bad for first timers. What a pleasure she is, we have now ridden on a trail ride out in one of our pastures, had a lesson on a grassy area with a slope to it, had lessons in all three of our arenas and never has there been a spook. We had a flat lesson Tuesday in our jump arena while the other two riders had a jumping lesson---no problem there, even when a doe decided to run by the arena.
I can't thank you again for sharing this wonderful girl with me.
Thanks again,

Babysitter needs a home! Cody is a gentle aged gelding who needs a semi retirement home. He is extremely well broke and perfect for young children. He has some arthritis in his knee, but it is manageable. We have owned Cody most of his life and would like to give him to a loving home that will use him gently through his retirement years.

Grace is a seasoned show horse with the miles and experience to teach her rider. She has a wonderful attitude and is a pleasure to be around. She loves to trail ride as well as work in the arena. She has earned her IBHA Championship as well as several top five and top ten championships in the 2006 youth and Amateur World show. Her titles include ROM’s in Open, Amateur and youth all-around events both English and Western. She has numerous state year end titles in Open, Amateur and youth all-around as well. This is a well bred, nice minded horse that would be an asset to anyone’s program. She sells because her owner has moved on to boys!

Remeez Janetta Jan is a spectacular palomino APHA 7 yr. 15. H. mare. She is a beautiful blonde with a flowing long mane and tail. She has her foundation in reining training but would be a wonderful pleasure horse for all-around use. She is a typical girl, likes a gentle hand. She is a bit too sensitive for a beginner rider, but a horseman will love her. She has no vices and a true desire to please. All her body parts are moveable on command, she collects with contact but prefers to ride on a loose rein. "Kind" describes her best.

Bandeez Reinbow is a 3 yr. 15.1 H. APHA buckskin gelding. Gentle and quiet best describes this fellow. He is so easy to ride and to handle. He has been professionally raised and trained and has 2 seasons of riding on him already. He hauls with ease and has many miles in both indoor and outdoor arenas, on trail, through water down the road with bikes and cars. He has even moved cattle. He is currently being ridden by my 14yr. daughter who claims he is her "car". His nick name is "Bently" she thinks it matches his class. He is a perfect amateur or youth horse who is well on his way to a performance career. He side passes, two tracks, backs, pivots, turns on the forehand and collects at all gates. He has had extensive experience over poles and is ready to win in trail competition. He rides in both the snaffle and bosal and is light to the hand.

2006 IBHA World Champion Dusky's Ditto

2006 IBHA World Champion Youth English Trail
Five time top Five Youth World Champion
Top Ten youth world champion

Two time Top 10 IBHA World Champion Open division
Seven time Circuit Champion, Including Gateway to the World All-Around Youth Champion 13 & Under
Winner of 7 belt buckles!
Multiple time Circuit class champion
2005 and 2006 year end Champion All-Around and Reserve Champion All-Around Youth and Open Division

Please see both the training page and the youth show team page for complete listing of show records and awards.
2002 IBHA/APHA Grullo Filly
Professionally raised and trained. This gorgeous mare is out of my IBHA Champion
and multiple-state year-end champion
Feverz Dusky Eyes. She is extremely athletic and
very willing to learn. She loads, clips, ties, bathes and travels well.

“Echo” had a fantastic show season this year both with myself and my daughter Kinsey. Winning a World Championship title was certainly more than we expected, what a delight to have dreams come true on such a young horse and young rider! Echo has the athletic ability, the training, the attitude and the disposition it takes to be an all-around contender and she proved it show after show winning Circuit All-Around titles in both the youth and open divisions. Currently she is hairy and having fun being a horse, going on trail rides. The change of season gives my horses a rest in their training program, a necessary component of my training philosophy. We plan to return to the show ring next year and compete at the World Championships again in both youth and open. We will also be doing some jumping and classes with flying lead changes. Echo is offered for sale only because of the number of horses we show and train, IF she sells, we move on to others, IF she doesn’t that’s ok too, we love her!

Click here for Echo's Registration Papers

Take the gamble out of your color breeding program with the Perlino color producing guarantee! This handsome young stallion is a 100% color producer of palomino and buckskin foals. His bloodline is full of proven performance horses splashed with color. Our top show horses are out of both his dam and sire, including 2006 world champion Duskys Ditto, top 5 world champion Buyers Reward, top jumping/dressage horse Shot of Latte, to list a few. Take a look around the web site for complete listing of awards on these half siblings and others.

“Casper” as we call him around the farm, is as friendly as his name goes on to suggest. He is very gentle and extremely well mannered. I raised him with the herd, letting the mares, stallions and other geldings teach him life lessons about respect. He is “bottom dog” in the pecking order, and prefers to just make friends. He is currently turned out with the geldings in nice weather and comes in the barn when the weather is poor. He knows how to stand tied for hours, he bathes, clips, loads is easy to trim and handle. He is started under saddle and doesn’t have a mean bone in him. We have bred him naturally to two mares and are expecting foals this spring. He sells only because I intend to stop breeding and would like to slow down in life and smell the flowers!
2004 Perlino Stallion For Sale:

With a sad heart we are reluctantly offering our beloved Rowdz Karma Lou for sale. She has a cist in her stifle joint and it has left her unsound for show ring performance. She is now being retired as a broodmare and walk/trot beginner horse for small children. She is a wonderful teacher and beautiful producer. We have raised 2 foals out of her, both colored horses who are currently on the show circuit in the Buckskin and Palomino world. We have used this mare for everything, she has taught many young ladies how to ride and began many show careers with youth and open riders. Her championships and awards are too numerous to list here, however they are listed per each rider on the show team and training page of my website. She has a total of 743 lifetime PHBA points in youth and open divisions and has earned 10 Register of Merit awards with various riders. She is very well bred going back to some of the great foundation stock in the American Quarter Horse Association, she is truly an asset to anyone’s breeding program. Let her teach your toddlers while she raises your next show champion!
Click here to view Registration and Blood lines

Ladz Yellow Rose (Rosie) is one of our top producing mares. She is 16.1 Hands and passes her size on to her babies. We have crossed her on various stallions throughout the years and she consistently passes on her athletic ability and wonderful, willing disposition. She is easy to breed and is a wonderful mother. Some of her get are posted on our site, and we still own several of her babies. Her foals have gone on to excel as amateur and youth horses and have won multiple titles in the PHBA world shows and numerous year end state all-around championships including the jumping arena. Some of her foals listed on our site include Buyer’s Reward, Shot of Latte, Skippin in Molasses and Gambler’s Magic. Rosie is in great shape and her producing years should continue easily if properly cared for. She is broke to ride and good on the trails or in the arena. She is sound, clips, ties, loads, and is good with her feet. She has no vices.
Offered for sale to an approved home for


“April” is an 8 yr. old AQHA, 15.1 H mare. She has had years of professional training and is broke for anyone to ride, very bombproof. She is a dream on the trails, nothing phases her; speeding cars, noisy dogs, runners, bikers, cattle, running water, etc. She loads easily and is happy to ride off by herself. She has no vices. She stands tied quietly, is well mannered, excellent to shoe, and is a very easy keeper. She has been well cared for and is only for sale because her owner has decided to change disciplines. She is priced for a quick sale at $6500. and worth every dime of it!

15 H. Kato is our farm “Mr. Friendly”. He is agreeable about anything and everything and simply wants to please. We raised him from a baby and he has been professionally handled and trained from the start. He has many miles under saddle both on the trail and in the arena. He has been hauled and shown since he was a weanling. He is a perfect partner for a youth or amateur looking to show, or just pleasure ride. He is very gentle and extremely well mannered. He goes both English and Western, including trail and pattern classes and is soft to the cue. He loves to trail ride and is not spooky with cars, bikes, dogs, water, etc. He hauls easy, clips without any trouble, stands tied quietly for hours, loads well and takes to a new environment without stress. He is just a “nice guy” and likes people. He is offered for sale due to too other commitments, don’t miss out on this fellow.

Bandeze Jeana Lena
Jeana is a beautiful APHA buckskin paint mare. She is small but mighty! She stands 15 H and is 4 years old. She is very quiet and well mannered. She is gently enough for a youth or amateur, and quality enough to be a tough competitor in the professional world. Jeana has a solid foundation in her basic training; all her body parts are movable with a light request. She is well started in reining training, very athletic and good minded enough to be an all-around performance horse. She loves to trail ride and is very sensible in new environments. She loads, hauls and stands tied quietly. Jeana is easy to shoe, clip and bathe, she has no vices. She will continue in professional training with Lynn Hindman until sold.


Lacey 15.3 H APHA 10yr. Mare
"Lacey" loves to jump! She is well mannored and fearless.
She quietly hauls, stands tied, clips. No vices. Ridden and shown by amateur and youth.

Dillon Wind and Kabaret bloodlines.
Children's/AA Hunter Extraordinaire!
Holsteiner gelding 12 yrs. 15.3H. Fabulous temperament, jumps a 10, good mover,
Dressage foundation. Easy lead changer, wonderful to handle and haul anywhere.
Many show miles, always in the ribbons.

Sound, Sane, Safe and Fancy.
$18,000 Video available

I'm Dreaming of Gold AQHA/PHBA
6 year mare. Gentle, quiet, proven show horse. Let her teach you! English or Western.

"Rules Make Me Blue" AQHA
6 year mare 15.3H. Professionally trained, quiet and willing. Lovely English or Western.
Excellent youth or amateur horse. Sound, no vices. Has been hauled with limited showing.

Wonderful disposition! $5,500

Seven S Gold Zipper
3 yr. Palomino Mare by Seven S Flashy Zipper.
Beautiful, flat kneed, elegant mover. English and Western. Youth or Amateur All-Around.
Kind, gentle, very willing. Quietly stands tied, clips, loads. 5 months professional training.
Click here to see a pedigree tree
15.2H $6,500