“Shooter” as we call him, is a 2015 AQHA/NRHA beautiful black gelding. We purchased him just last fall at the NRHA futurity. He was a level 4 non pro finalist marking a 216 in the first go! He is NRBC and NRHA nominated. He marked a 217.5 at the Low Roller Futurity taking reserve and won a check in the top 10 at the High Roller Futurity in the level 4! He has been in professional training throughout. Shooter is very smooth, has a big stop and is extremely good minded with an attitude to please.
I purchased him as a non pro/rookie horse simply to go show with my daughter for a short season, instead of standing on the side lines watching her! He has been a fantastic, honest and easy fellow to ride. I’ve only shown him 6 times and he scored a 70.5 even with my pilot errors! We are selling him only because the horse showing future is uncertain for us. With my daughter’s upcoming wedding, extended overseas travel and purchasing a home, she needs to take a break. This horse is too nice to let sit for the next year, so I will offer him to someone else, with a sad heart. He’s a talented, athletic horse and extremely well trained, though he has had extensive reining training, he could go most any direction and be a star.


Ti is a gorgeous, golden AQHA 9-year Buckskin gelding. He is the last foal out of our Beloved and World Champion producer Ladz Yellow Rose. He is a BIG, 16.1 1200+ lb. boy! We have spent the years on Ti mostly trail riding, doing parades, hauling to arenas for fun events and just enjoying him. He has so much potential in the horse show world, we just ran out of steam in the all-around show ring and focused the last several years in the reining world. Ti is not being used to his potential here and he’s too nice of a horse, I feel bad keeping him around as a pasture pony riding him here and there, as much as we like him! The years here on our ranch have been perfect for him to grow up. He is a professionally trained, confident, well mannered, solid, sound (both mentally and physically) horse, now ready to find his calling in life. He could go most any direction but we see him excelling in Western Dressage, AQHA all-around events, or most certainly a fantastic pleasure/trail riding horse. He doesn’t spook, we’ve ridden him in multiple parades, taken him swimming, led him out to pasture with the ATV’s, gone through hay fields while being harvested by the tractors, taken him down the road with cars, dogs, bikes etc. He knows how to both live in the pasture and drink from the ditch as well as be polite in the barn, blanketed and pampered like a show horse. He stands tied, loads, clips, hauls easily and is good for the farrier. He is playful and huge and for that reason I would not recommend him for a beginner or a child. We had recently sold Ti, but unfortunately the woman had to back out of the sale because of family misfortune due to the hurricane. We have a recent pre-purchase exam, coggins and health certificate. He is 100% sound and we are happy to release the vet check records and you are welcome to visit with the vet that did the exam.

Grace is a gorgeous 2006 AQHA/PHBA 16.2 H mare. She has ‘been there, done that!’ She was born, raised and trained by Lynn Hindman here at Haystack Acres. Grace is excellent on the trail, including the mountains. Bikes, cars, trucks, dogs and even mountain animals don’t bother her. She crosses water and even enjoys a swim! Grace was a lesson horse for the CU equestrian team for several years and then went on as a youth show mare consistently winning in 4H. Grace was reserve year-end winner in the Youth RMQHA outreach in Showmanship, English Eq, HUS and Horsemanship. She even competed in a Halloween costume class at a RMQHA show! Grace goes nicely English or Western and has many arena and trail miles. She will be shown in Western Dressage this fall. She is polite and quiet on the ground, hauls easily, stands for the farrier and is safe and trustworthy to be around.

Roosters Best Chance, aka "Fabio" as well call him is a stunning 2005 AQHA/NRHA golden palomino gelding. He has been professionally trained and shown (open, youth and amateur) in reining (money earner) and Western Dressage. We have ridden him extensively on trails and he loves every minute of it! He is very light in the bridle and responds to a soft leg, hand and seat. Chance is a gorgeous horse with a big heart and strong desire to please. He hauls easily, travels well, and easy to maintain. He is 100% sound with no injections or past injuries. We think he needs a job in the movie industry!


Skip is a big, beautiful 16.1 H buttermilk buckskin that lives up to his name in his movement! He "skips" along so fluidly in his gaits that we think he would be gorgeous in Western dressage. He has been professionally trained here at Haystack Acres and is ready for a career. He has a kind and willing disposition and is a pleasure to be around. He lives in the pasture, drinks out of the ditch and knows how to be a horse, though he likes to be spoiled in the barn as well! Most of his training has been in the arena. He will carry a nice, collected frame and moves easily off the leg with a soft hand and seat in all directions, forward, lateral and reverse. He moves freely through the hip and shoulder and is ready for an experienced rider to go on with him. He stands tied quietly and hauls easily. He is sound and has no maintenance issues.

"Big Grey" as we call him is a 2007 double registered APHA/ABRA Grullo Gelding. He is loaded with dun factor and a gorgeous big boy standing 16.1 H. He is sired by the well known multiple time World Champion Indian Artifacts by Artful Move. He is a talented beautiful mover, and ready to go on in a variety of disciplines. We purchased him 2 years ago for my daughter to "play with" and continue his training. He had been started over fences from the folks in Kentucky, whom we purchased him from. We put him to work, polishing his foundation training, hitting the trails and a few schooling shows with him. He is soft, supple and moving nicely off leg and seat. He is a bit busy minded and not appropriate for beginner riders just yet, but kind, willing and eager to learn. He is well mannered on the ground, loads and clips good with the farrier, and stands tied quietly. He enjoys getting out on the trail and has a wonderful ground covering walk. He loves to swim as well and will cross water willingly, dogs, bikes and cars don't bother him. We even put jingle bells and ribbons on him and went on a Christmas caroling hay wagon ride around the neighborhood! Kinsey is busy with college demands now, so mom is doing the training! I have enough jobs so Big Grey needs a new rider! He is friendly, loves attention and has no vices. He needs an experienced rider who can go on with his training; this horse will be fantastic when he is finished!
Click here to see a video of Big Grey!

Star is a 12 year, 16 H. double registered PHBA/AQHA Incentive fund mare. She has been hauled and shown since she was a yearling and is very easy to be around. She is very well mannered and quiet in the barn, gentle for anyone to handle or ride. She is professionally trained and well polished on many maneuvers including canter departure from the stand still, side pass, two track, turn on haunches and forehand and backs with ease. She is very soft and supple and carries collection through all her gaits. She is truly an all around mare in the show pen, but loves to trail ride as well. Show horse or family friend, she loves people and aims to please whatever her job, whatever the discipline, she is a charm.