Strength Strategies for Peak Performance:
Get on the Ball... with Lynn Hindman
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
Integrated Balance Training Workout

The platform on which all human movement is formed, integrated into fitness training.

Efficient and Effective Guaranteed:
* To fight against the gravitational pull of aging!
* To motivate and educate!
* To improve self esteem.
* To build core strength.
* To increase metabolism
* To improve joint stabilization and range of motion.
*To increase cardiovascular endurance.
* To improve functional movement related to everyday life.
* To improve Horsemanship.

Success in all disciplines of riding are dependent on balance. This is achieved through rider self balance... so lets step off our horse and on to the ball for a balance-training workout!


  • You must eat to lose weight.
  • We age on the days our diet is deficient.
  • It is impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
  • Bigger muscles burn more calories.
  • Gaining muscle doesn't have to mean gaining size.
  • Muscles have fiber "personalities" and are more responsive when trained accordingly.
Running girlRunning girl

If you haven't considered
the truth
behind the facts
you just read, or your
"plan" just isn't working,

Consider a
personal trainer...

to... educate you with the facts, sort out the myths of diet and weight training.
to... put science and nutrition behind an individual fitness program.
to... guide you into a healthy life style, not just another quick fix!


Lynn Hindman CTF

My Plan:
To achieve your goal
moving from trainer,
to educator, to coach, to advisor.

I have a college education in physical education, a lifetime of entheusiasm and experience in fitness and nutrition. I am certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as a Fitness Trainer. I am also currently enrolled in the ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition Certification program. ISSA is founded and directed by a team of nationally recognized doctors and fitness experts. I welcome you to check out the source of my education at .


I am also certified by Moves International as an instructor specializing in Integrated Balance Training on the BOSU balance trainer.

Running boyRunning boy
If you do not make time for exercise, then plan for illness!
Health is how you feel each day,
F itness is how you perform each day.

* Free initial consultation
* 1 session $35
* 5 sessions $150
* 10 sessions $250
* Free session with each active referral.
Group conditioning classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:15 to 10:15am; Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:30 to 6:30pm at Haystack Acres Little Shop of Fitness.
Drop-in fee $10/class
Punch card 10 punches $80
Monthly class membership $75
It is my genuine desire to draw you into the fitness lifestyle so that you will make it a part of your daily routine. Safety and form are essential elements of effective conditioning and continued health. In each session I focus on these important factors. Integrating balance into each workout trains the central nervous system to function at a high level. This results in improved coordination, joint stability, core strength and balance, guaranteed to have you performing daily with increased energy, strength and ease! If you are new to the ball or BOSU, I recommend a few introductory private sessions before attending a group class.
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